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Guest Tt Paul

The SYBARIS wired and wireless gaming headset offers both Bluetooth headset functionality in wireless mode as well the ability to connect an external microphone in wired mode. The SYBARIS is the world’s first Bluetooth headset with a swappable external microphone, but can still work as a headset without it via the built-in microphone in the earcup. With Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility for greater battery life, the SYBARIS also supports AptX lossless streaming for maintaining the highest fidelity in audio quality and NFC for the ultimate convenience in pairing.

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What happened to the headset?  :o

It broke.. The first time my friend with a big head tried it, he had to stretch it out to fit his head but it broke.. Tt Philippines replaced it with a new one, which I am thankful for. Since it was my friend with a large head, I supposed that I should not let anyone else use it but me. It was fine for 7 months. I was taking care of it, being careful when I wear it. And when I casually tried to put it on, it snapped... really sad about it

All i can really say is that it has really poor build quality. I spent hard earned money for this T__T

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