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POSEIDON Z RGB keyboard (Brown Switch Edition) repeat letters


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Hi, I have the POSEIDON Z RGB keyboard (Brown Switch Edition), and I repeat letters when I'm writing. already modify the write delay, but it continues to do so. I wrote in another opportunity and they did not answer me. please be kind to answer the problem I have.

the os is win10 64 bit.

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I would recommend contacting Thermaltake on this one and filing a warranty claim. How long have you had the keyboard for? Is it still under warranty?

Also what do you mean by "already modify the write delay"

Hopefully you can find a resolution to this issue of yours!


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hello, the keyboard has 2 years of use, no more, a picardy. I'm going to see if I can contact me with some support from Argentina. If you have any contact, it is welcome. with respect to the writing delay, it is what appears in all referring to mechanical keyboard and operating system.

thanks for your answer
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