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The latest RGB software release - Temp reading not working!

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Just downloaded and installed the Latest RGB fan software release today. I am using 10 RGB fans and one TT memory RGB waterblock with three controllers

and l had issues when my system went to sleep. The new software seemed to have solved that, but now the PWM temps on the software is showing 

0 Celsius ? so now in PWM mode the fans wont spin up when necessary ??

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Same issue here. I have had issues with this software since I purchased my case, it's complete garbage and they can't seem to fix it. Half of the time the TTRGB software just stops running, disappears from my tray - and I have to manually start it again just to get the colors working again. And yes, with the issue you are reporting you can't use PWM - so we have to manually set our fans to a constant RPM.

I would never recommend TT's fans / controllers to anyone. If you even look at this forum their products are so riddled with bugs it's ludicrous. And they can't seem to fix any of them.

If I didn't have to remove my GPU (watercooled) to access my Aura headers I'd already have swapped out this #### program for something else. Next time I clear my loop it will be gone.

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