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What's the difference between Riing Trio and Riing duo fans?


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As the title said, besides from the RGB, is there a significant difference between these two? I cannot see any video reviews about Riing duo and got no response from customer support. Is the riing Duo an old product? I also noticed that these fans are radiator fans? Is this the same used as Case fan?

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The Riing Duo fans have two rings of Addressable LEDs: one ring of 6 in the fan blade hub and one ring of 12 on the inside of the fan casing where the fan blades extend to. The Riing Trio fans have three rings of Addressable LEDs: one ring of 6 in the fan blade hub, one ring of 12 on the front of the fan that surrounds the fan blades, and one ring of 12 on the back that surrounds the fan blades. So you are looking at 18 LEDs on the Duo and 30 on the Triio.

The Trios released before the Duos.

They are labeled as radiator fans due to a focus on making them have high static pressure vs air flow. Static pressure performance refers to how good it does when pushing air against an object, such as fan grates or the fins of a radiator. While air flow is concentrated on how well it moves air in free space. There is no reason you can not use these for case fans, there just may be fans out there that do the job better.

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