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[South Korea] Taeyeon Kim

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On 9/7/2019 at 1:04 PM, Christian Paul said:

I am wondering, is this the Kim Taeyeon who I think she is? The idol one? SNSD, Girls Generation?
Nevermind, saw the profile, already (https://casemod.thermaltake.com/2019s2/modder_profile_9.html). Dang their name, the same.

Tell Me Your Wish^^           -SNSD

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Today I will explain in detail the PC concept that I am working on

I'm now making a stairwell, a scene from the movie Joker.

I'm trying to give a contrasting feel to two buildings on either side of the stairs, not just a scene from a movie.

One building is a rich building concept, and the other is a poor building.

And I try to express Joker and Batman in contrast.

Batman for poor buildings and Joker for rich buildings.

The environment that has been grown is the opposite, but it is to show that it is located there for different purposes.

The zotac graphics card has a good logo to remind you of Batman.

So the zotac graphics card will be used as an air conditioner on a poor building.

Also, the flextor SSD will be used as a symbol for Batman, matching the black feel of Batman.

I will use long riser cable because I have to put graphic cards and SSDs in the air.

The work stage is now complete with a waterway build to be located in front of the building.

I'll probably know what I'm trying to explain because I'll put up the building by next week.

It's an honor to see Joker's films impressively and do this.

Soon, the deadline for the work is approaching, and my goal is to put the impression I feel in this work.

Please look forward to and support me

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