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  1. I like the RGB and all, But sometimes you have to go your own way. More on that later.
  2. System light testing. no leaking I also added a matted finish to the tubing at the front only to match all the other lighting.
  3. Logo time, 😁 And its done. Thanks again for stopping by, Hope you like what you see.
  4. Hello again. have been working on the lighting to find the best shadows, and all the RGB and power. And also adding some amber stones to the rock face. still working on some 3d prints.... And that is so slowwwwww. But all in all it is very close to being completed. Some more Tomorrow.
  5. Hello again. So for the water cooling I have mounted the res on the back of the case, and running the tubing over the top. I made up a 6mm bracket to hold it all in place. The bracket is just cut out with hand tools and hand acrylic bender. Dose the job nicely I think. Thanks for stopping by. More again soon.
  6. Cheers Erik. Watching your build as well it's looking awesome, I'm sure we are all fowling each others progress. And all the best to all who are entered. We may not know each other. And we may all have different lives But we all love what we do and love doing it.
  7. Finishing off the control panel rock cover. paint and sealer. Adding the shading. And then the highlights. Old Thermaltake Fan Speed Controller K.n.o.b. Uncovered ! in the Dig..... More again very soon.............
  8. Ground Paint work is now done. Thanks for stopping by.
  9. As a late surprise from TT with a Pacific DP-100 I'm going to still do what I can to mount it on the back of the case. And I think it will still do a top job keeping things looking clean and tidy. Also mounting it to the middle of the case still allows the use of the dust filter with the air being pulled in from the back. A test run of the logo. Sadly the cold air got to it when printing and this one was no good. Building a old sever case up for the printer to go in at this moment to keep things warm. More on that soon.
  10. Arrived Ttoday. Thanks TT I will do my best to add it some how.
  11. Hello, Starting to get the ground colour down now, still much more to do on this part. and more clay work. Thanks for stopping by.
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