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  1. Thank you very much traveleon.
  2. My newest build . What do you think?
  3. DOOM Thanks for looking
  4. Very Cool, I can see you put a lot of work into it.
  5. ASUS Australia 2016 PC Water Cooling Event in Sydney. Fallout 4 and the Power Cell shown in video as well as mods from Simple Modz / GGF Lan Party / Oz Modz, From the AUS ASUS modding team. https://www.facebook.com/ZenModz-1602842656630513/
  6. Thank you bundymania, It was a fun build .
  7. One last photo's of the build. Thanks for stopping by.
  8. Hello again. Here are the final photo's could not get someone to take photo's for me so had a go my self enjoy. And one in the dark. With pretty colors. that did not work out so well. Thanks again for following this build and for all your feed back. Cheers, Ken.
  9. CPU temp testing done. 3dmark CPU overclocked to 4.299. from 3.500. I"m not a over-clocker so not sure how much better that score is. In fact this is the fist time Ive relay tried to do a proper over clock. Link: http://i.imgur.com/lwF6SkW.jpg Link: http://i.imgur.com/oU4exMg.jpg CPU temps. at Max running Maxload. Room temp at the time was 29c Loop temp was 29c Max CPU temp 36c MoBo Temp 31c If any one know of a better CPU test please let me know. Link: http://i.imgur.com/o9duPWR.jpg Auto set for Fallout 4 below. Running Fraps. Hope you all like the temps. As I sad not sure if there any good, Still all very new to me. Still working on getting finale photos, waiting on a friend with a good camera to take pic's. Thanks again for stopping by.
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