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Chaser A71 Front I/O Panel Issues

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I bought a Chaser A71 a few months ago and I love the case other than the fact that as soon as I bought it and installed everything in it, I've had issues with the front I/O panel.  Almost every single time I plug in a headphone or microphone jack or something into the USB, my computer restarts itself like its shorting out and there's something wrong with the electrical.  I tried unplugging every piece of my computer and starting from scratch thinking I grounded something accidentally but I'm still having issues.  The only solution I've found so far was to submit an eRMA request and then send in the faulty I/O panel while I wait for a new one.  This is not an option.  There's no way I want to go without a computer for as long as that whole process could take.  I know its not the equipment I'm plugging into it because all of the parts I use worked just fine on my old case (which I don't have anymore).  If I plug all everything into the slots on the motherboard for my audio and USB equipment, I have no issues so that leads me to believe its in the I/O panel directly.  Has anyone else experienced problems like this with this case or have a solution to fix it or get it resolved.  I purchased it from a Microcenter and fiddled around with it not realizing I had passed the 30 day window to return it to them.  Now I'm supposed to deal with TT directly with the issue. 


Thanks in advance!


Specs if curious:


CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955

PSU: Corsair HX750

RAM: Gskill 12 GB 1600

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6950 overclocked 880/1375 @ 1.175

Case: TT Chaser A71

OS: Windows 7 Prof 64

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For the I/O pin outs, when you look at the separate connections, take note the (+) connection will have a "Triangle" shape on it, double check to make sure the connections are setup correctly. 


Does the 2.0 ports work where the 3.0 ports do not or the other way around?


Does everything else work except USB/Audio?


We can look into speeding up an I/O replacement if we need to, just want to be sure and also for our Quality control if there is an issue we want to review. 


My email is below, send me some pictures of the connections from the case to your motherboard headers or post them up here if you can.


Let us know any updates.

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What do you mean by the I/O outs?  Like the connections to the motherboard?  Also, I've never tried the 3.0 connections since I don't yet have a 3.0 MOBO (getting one for Christmas).  But the 2.0 ports do not work.  The power and rest buttons work but neither the audio nor the USB 2.0 ports work.  I've had problems with both things but not everytime I used them.  Just most of the time.  Occassionally things wouldn't crash and burn when something was plugged into them.  I will try to post some pictures tomorrow of what you requested.

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Thanks of the update. If you are having issues like this with the USB/Audio I would suggest to stop using the connections until it is replaced. 


You can always use the audio and USB from the motherboard I/O.


If you can, email me your contact info and I will work with you early next week on a replacement and we can see what we can do on the process to assist.

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