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TT Sync Controller with ARGB Hub


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So I currently have a ROG Motherboard that has a single ARGB 5v Header and I want to replace the PSU of my current rig since that part doesn't sync up with Asus Aura. Problem is that most of the PSU's require a second 5V ARGB Header which I lack and won't connect to the TT Sync Controller AFAIK.

Currently, The TT Sync Controller controls all the lighting in my rig and is connected to the only 5V header on my Mobo however I'm looking at either Cooler Master's Addressable RGB Splitter Cable, XSPC 8 Way 3 Pin ARGB Splitter Hub & ROG Aura Terminal(Pricy and hard to obtain in my area) as potential ways to add more ARGB Connections to my rig without needing to buy a whole new board.

That said, has anyone tried using any of these with the TT Sync Controller?

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I don't think ROG Aura Terminal does what you thing. It's more like an extension to add led.

Nevertheless I do have the same question, can we use any ARGB Splitters to be able to have 2 TT Sync Controller and use more than 9 rgb fans from thermaltek ?

On my side I have a 1000D case and it comes with a Commander Pro (that is able to be linked in series) whereas the TT Sync Controller, looks like cannot be linked and at the same time used by Asus AURA.

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I currently have two Sync Controllers running in my machine off of one 5v argb header. I have a rog b550 gaming f and currently 3 140mm trio fans. I'm running two on one controller and 1 on the other. I have full control in aura sync of the lights and the rpm of the fans I can set also.

So yes it can work. 

My hope is that I will be able to run 6/7 trio fans in total, I'm just not sure yet if that will be too many leds for the argb signal to carry to or if the sync controllers themselves draw power from the header in addition to their sata supply, as this might cause issues too. 

I'll post more when I know.

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On 2/9/2021 at 1:42 PM, TheMacdonut said:

I currently have two Sync Controllers running in my machine off of one 5v argb header

How did you do this? Did you use your own split cable?
I'm going to have to get a second sync controller for all my fans (floe riing 360, 3 pure plus 12's, 2 riing trio 20's (case front), and 1 riing quad 12 (used as exhaust fan). So 9 total.

TT's instructions are so vague and hard to follow and not a lot of videos, other than basic overviews.

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