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Thermaltake Core V21 Micro Cube Chassis

As the latest addition to the Core V Series, the new Thermaltake Core V21 is a quadrate micro M-ATX-based chassis that offers an endless stackable and flexible thermal solution. It allows externally-modular upgrades for enthusiasts to create dual systems. Designed for use in either a vertical or horizontal orientation on the motherboard, users can customize the chassis for the best viewing presentation. A 200mm fan on the front panel ensures that the Core V21 delivers outstanding cooling performance with compatibility for extensive DIY/AIO LCS, further enhancing the reputation that the air cooling units of the series has become renowned for. Guaranteed to be an immensely powerful system, the Core V21 also has the ability to accommodate various overclocking components to boost performance even further where it counts!







Product Web Page:

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If this came in white, I could mount this on top of my GT Level 10 and keep all the liquid cooling reservoirs and pumps in there.  Could design a cool "Waterfall" type design or expand my "Ghost in the Shell" idea.  Really thinking on doing that later next year, would need to cut out the top of the Level 10 and the bottom of the V21, but, sure as #### would be interesting....

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Probably wouldn't make sense for this case, but would it be possible to make an accessory for it to mount Optical Drives.  Basically like a kit that comes with a side panel where there's a slot for the drive and also a drive mount.  For a single stack probably wouldn't work because of the tight spacing, but for a double stack?

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