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  2. To make accessibility easier, the company offers drivers for every printer model on its official website. In case you are having trouble landing on the home page, you may reach the professional executives via calling at Brother Printer Customer support. How We Provide Support To Our Customers? Avail the best printer troubleshooting ever
  3. Have you ever made sports bets? Successfully?
  4. Keep in mind that Rad installations (fans) are meant to be exhaust (suckers) coz it makes little sense to blow pre heated air into the case for cooling (cough).
  5. Such a great article, thank for sharing this information, its help me a lot. Watch Free
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  7. When you download the View71 manual it will show you which 2 positions can take a 420 Rad
  8. searched all over the internet for a fix !! nothing works even reinstalling . a fresh windows install worked but then the error comes again!!! lots of problems with this app!! 750w gold rgb
  9. hello guys . so dps g app updated automaticly today 3.7.1 . Tried to run it and then no connection with the power supply error . so trieed restart . reinstalling c++ . reseted the cables . nothing works !!! Then i fresh reinstalled windows 10 64bit and it worked fine .. i turned it on today and the error is back !!! Please fix this !!!!!
  10. Hello! I am interested in the question: "Does the Pacific CL420 radiator fit into the View 71 Tempered Glass?"
  11. The software automatically updated to 3.1.7 then the RGB setting has gone. My THERMALTAKE TOUGHPOWER DPS G RGB 850W has no RGB now because you can't set the RGB on the PSU itself. It's controlled digitally thru software. Has anyone also encounter this issue? Please Help. Thanks
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  13. Hi everyone, there are some really great looking builds here! Thought I'd join the club and show my build with this case that I did last summer and since added a few bits and tweaks here and there. This is the first time I'd attempted a rigid tube loopI've got my eye on one of those Barrow distro plates but think I'll stick with the helix res for now. I'm very happy with the case, despite weighing a ton due to all the glass it's very roomy and easy to build in. The glass panels are somewhat restrictive though for high airflow radiator fans, I can drop a good few degrees on coolant temps by removing the front panel so thinking of attempting to make a bigger standoff to increase the gap for air to get in. Also a question for those of you with dual radiators in this case, how do you have your airflow set up? I've currently got mine with both rads as intakes (top and front) with a 140 rear and 120 bottom exhaust. Warm air does seem to recirculate out from the bottom and sides and get sucked back into the front rad but still cools better than the entire 420 in the top using the hot air from the front rad when I had it set to exhaust. What has worked best for you guys? Specs: 8700k @5Ghz ASUS Maximus Hero X MSI RTX 2080ti Seahawk EK X 16Gb G.Skill Trident Z 3466 EVGA Supernova 850G2 Acer Predator XB321HK & LG 27UD68 Monitors 2x M.2 SSD, 2x SSD, 1x HDD Loop: Alphacool XPX CPU block, EK Seahawk GPU block, DDC 18+ Pump w/ XSPC highflow top, Alphacool Helix 250 res, EK CE420 rad in top with Vardar fans, Original Gen 2 BlackIce 360GTX in front push/pull with Vardars and XSPC fans
  14. Remember always keep a copy of the old driver!
  15. Thanks.... Now autostart works again !
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  17. Probably the same reason there is Frigidaire and sharp ads on the boards.. No one is at home here at all. It's a community of forgotten children.
  18. Have you tried Technical Support <support@thermaltake.com.au> okay, pal, here a link removed
  19. PCPartPicker Link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/d9JGpG What is up my fellow modders! Let me introduce you to our next project Node Zero! BACKGROUND Node Zero was conceptualized as our move back home on the west coast meant leaving our staircase server hub back in Tennessee. Now that I’ve been back home in NV for the past year, I have been missing not only our PLEX and Gaming servers, but our backups and our RAID 5 system. Because of this, I started brainstorming a new case to house our server hardware, something that could handle many HDDs. After searching around, I just didn’t like what I saw and didn’t want to go slim server rack(and of course money issues prevents a couple grand for a server) So we are replacing this case with a Nanoxia Rexgear Hydra 2 Mining case, and modding it to accept up to 12 HDDs and an SSD or two. OLD SERVER CASE HYDRA 2 CONCEPT HYDRA 2 CASE(Stock Photos) Here in this YouTube video we unbox the Arctic cooling gear and the Nanoxia HDD bays. Also has hardware going into our Honda Prelude PC mod. https://youtu.be/xiwT1sEO_3Y Have a wonderful day and I hope you are excited as I am to see this build come together!!!
  20. hello guys, here's new step by step updates. soon the Mod will be finished
  21. Watching movies in mediabox hd is a great experience, you can use this https://mediaboxhd.xyz/
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