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  2. Hello everyone,, I have bought a 240 mm rgb water 3.0 kit Im installing it on an Aorus Z270 gaming 5 Mobo. I have a Master maker 5 case but I am struggling to get the software to recognize the water block and fans. It only says please connect hardware.. I have looked what to do online and the instructions were used to connect the system to the motherboard. I have the pump plugged into my Sys fan on the MObo and the fans plugged into the CPu fan three pin connectors as stated in the instructions. english news capread I looked int he back of my case ans I already have a little box that came with the Mastermaker case for fan controlling.. The pump is working and the fan LEDs are lit up, so its all getting enough juice. If anyone can help Id really appreciate it.
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  4. Hi sir Could you provide your account? I'll check for this. By the way, it need one day to upload data to website. We are rebuilding this web structure, maybe it has some bugs on it. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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  7. Yes, I prefer mp3 format. In my opinion, this is the most convenient format for listening to music. I need to convert many songs to mp3 format, but I found a way to do this quickly and easily. I am using youtube to mp3 converter. Thanks to this site, I can convert my favorite songs to mp3 format quickly and for free. In addition, this site gives me the opportunity to download any video or song from YouTube.
  8. Learning has no end of its own. We cannot stop learning till death, as we cannot say that we know everything in our life about this world. Because there is nothing in this world that we can that we know all about this topicsmill world. We can not complete the learning session for our life that we can say that is enough for us because nothing is enough.
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  10. With Symantec’s award-winning Norton security software, you will experience the professional quality protection on your device. Through easy installation, Norton integrates flawlessly with your device for delivering dynamic results for the best defense against viruses, malware, Trojans, and cyber crooks. The best thing about having a security suite like Norton is that it runs silently in the background, providing you the guarantee of comprehensive protection through a host of reliable security tools, technologies, and utilities that can be downloaded through Norton com setup page. Norton.com/setup Norton.com/setup Office.com/setup
  11. Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate vs Corsair H110i GTX Cooling Hydro Series , want quieter+cooler i can put noctua fans on both is not problem, but best pump? best low noise? best copper plate? can any 1 help me? thanks! regards learn english education
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