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Now its crunch time Running Flat out on system integration.




At first I was thinking. How in the world am I going to hide all those wires?  Then I thought. Why would I want to hide all my beautiful hard work?









Man those Riing fans look SICK!!! 

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Hey hey I'm back.....Now after taming the Flying Spaghetti Monster...It's time to Install some Killer 5050 RGB LED's This is the only place I get LED strips. Each strip and controller is inspected to make sure it is in working order before it ships. 




I sent the reservoirs off to V1 Tech   â€‹to be laser engraved. So I am just waiting for them to arrive.



While I wait for the reservoirs to show up I went ahead and started on the rest of the tubing runs.






Here is a sneak peak at the designs we went with. 

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