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POSEIDON Z review @ Play3r.net

Tte Jeff



Play3r.net next looks at our POSEIDON Z mechanical blue switch keyboard after reviewing our VENTUS mouse. We're happy to see they also loved the POSEIDON Z with Tt eSPORTS certified mechanical blue switches, pretty much as much as they loved the VENTUS~ since the POSEIDON Z also ended up with the same rating! 4.7/5 and the same three awards (Editor's Choice, Gold Award, and Value award)


Here's an excerpt from their review, talking about the value aspect & the world's first 5 year warranty on a gaming keyboard.

When it comes to the price which is around £55-£60 depending where you shop and it will be hard to find something that gives as good a value for the money. Not only does the POSEIDON Z perform well and look great, it also comes with the worlds first 5-year warranty on a mechanical keyboard! If nothing else sells you on it let it be the price and warranty, you are essentially paying £11 a year for a mechanical keyboard! Most people I know wouldn’t even keep a keyboard for that long so the fact Tt eSPORTS have upped their warranty game is an impressive feature in itself.


Play3r also compares the key spacing to some of the other choices on the market, as well as the feel of the Tt certified switches vs the Cherry MX switches they're used to; And preferred the Tt certified option.


Head on over to read the full review here: http://www.play3r.net/reviews/peripherals/tt-poseidon-z-keyboard-review/




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