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  1. I'm new here, but I've done a few builds from time to time... Short summary Here are the specs: Supermicro X10DRG-Q 2x E5-2699 v4 (44 cores/ 88HT) (3.7ghz turbo) 512GB ram DDR4 2400mhz ecc reg (QUAD SLI) 4 Titan X SC 2x Samsung NVMe 950 Pro pcie 3.0 (os drives) 10x Samsung 850 Pro SSD RAID (apps drive) LG 31MU97z 4096x2160 true 4K rev C modded P5 case, Noctua heatsinks Digital power supply 1600w Windows Server 2012 R2 Data Center, Ubuntu 15 Fully functional Board allows use of all 7 slots while using 4 sli cards Using 2 NVMe 950 Pro Will be putting one pane of glass on the front Runs quiet and cold Build pains, tweaks and optimization are to come Case was heavily modified to accommodate HUGE motherboard, power supply, and the equivalent of 11 pci slots Had to come up with a way to hold and keep cool 10 ssd 850 pro drives Nothing, absolutely nothing was easy about any of this Anyhow enjoy some pics Opinions? I'll put the glass pane on the side tomorrow Ok cinebench score Ok read and write score the board has no audio jack on the back, but does have the standard HD header The board has audio, a'97, and HD7 Audio is alive and well, and gaming I used the HD out and mic in I made a custom output to the connector on the board, I put audio in and out on the back of the case spine, green and pink, see picture
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