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Show us your chassis!

Tt Andy

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This is my rig...Purchased from CyberpowerPC
Case...Thermaltake Core V71 drive bays removed
CPU...AMD FX 8350 OC'd to 4.4 ghz  (stock is 4.0)
Motherboard...Gigabyte 990 FXA UD3 (rev. 4.0)
Memory...Adata 8 gb DDR3 1866
PSU...Apevia 800w
Storage...1TB Toshiba HDD
GPU...XFX R9 270X
CPU Cooler...Asetek 510LC
Keyboard...CMStorm Devastator
Mouse...CMStorm Devastator
Headset...TT eSports Cronos Black
Monitors...Acer G6 series 24" Widescreen (main) and Dell 17" from old pc used for multitasking
Future mods include swapping all the fans to Thermaltake Luna Red 12's and 20's,  Thermaltake Peripherals,  Custom Cooling Loop ( hopefully to all Thermaltake products ),  GPU upgrade to 2x MSI  AMD R9 280X, double the memory,  more storage - SSD and HDD,  possible etching on the side window,  and dual  4K monitors.
I was watching Newegg video of Computek 2014 when I first saw the Core V71 and instantly I had to have it. SO I shopped around and came across Cyberpower and realized I could pick and choose parts, so I waited till the V71 was available and placed my order.  Also while watching Computek video I got a peek at future Thermaltake liquid cooling parts and kits and I am now waiting for them to hit the market so I can build my custom loop.  I am switching all the lights to red because of the AMD build and I'm also thinking of a "special" part to add to the cooling loop which will tie the whole AMD theme together.  This is my first real gaming rig, I usually buy a 300 to 400 dollar pc and kill it within a few years.  This time I decided I would buy what I want over buying cheap and dealing with it.  I'm also trying to keep as many parts as possible made by Thermaltake to go with the AMD theme.   
So that's it for now, any upgrades I do will be added to this post and any info I can get is always appreciated, good or bad.  Now if I could figure out to post some pics....

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:D Thank you all.   I got an update for everyone. Added a second R9 270X graphics card I purchased for my birthday.  It is massive compared to the original one.  Also I have an Adata 128 GB SSD coming in tomorrow for my OS.

Wow nice man, and happy belated birthday :) 

hows the second card? did you notice much improvement in games? 

BTW not sure if its the angle you took the photo, but i think your cards are on a slant (2nd photo)

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