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  1. Cheers guys and best of luck to everyone. This was an amazing contest for sure.
  2. Well everyone, here is my entry for the Thermaltake Technology Inc 2019 Casemod Invitational season 2, The Core P5 Vault. This is a freestyle industrial design done by myself. The main idea for this project was to build an "armour" or "vault" that would open to expose the modded core p5 on the inside. To make all the moving components work I hotwired a wireless remote to 3 12V linear actuators and used various slides and guide rails to make sure everything moved smoothly. The entire mod was handmade with the exception of some 3d printed parts. I want to thank all the sponsors for supporting this event and to everyone that has supported me or any of the other modders competing: Thermaltake Technology Inc ZOTAC AMD Plextor ASRock Specs: Case: TT Core P5 TG V2 PSU: TT Toughpower PF1 ARGB 1200 watt, Platinum MOBO: Asrock x570 Steel Legend CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G SSD: Plextor 256gb M9PE NVMe GPU: Zotac RTX 2070 OC edition RAM: 32gb TT Toughram RGB Cooling: LCS: All Thermaltake Fans: TT Riing Trio 12
  3. Thanks man. I actually %100 completed the build today. These are the last pics till I post the final photos and video.
  4. Congratz on an amazing mod bro! The detailing is second to none. Best of luck!
  5. Lighting and fans work. Cable managing this mod was different to say the least lol.
  6. Thanks so much guys for the kind words! And yes max having dedicated space for modding always helps
  7. Now for painting. Water based paint is a no-no when building with mdf so used enamel primer to seal everything nicely. Then on to the colour coats. For my colour scheme I wanted to match the mobo and GPU. So Metallic black and silver are the colours I went with. After laying the colours I sealed it with a high gloss clear. Love how it has turned out so far.
  8. Next I prepared the main body for painting. Since I used MDF I needed to seal any edges to stop any kind of moisture from gettin in. Dry wall puddy is perfect for this kind of thing.
  9. Whats goin on guys! Sorry for lack of posting but its crunch time as my mod needs to be finished for the 15th to be shipped to CES. So lets get on with the updates. So I hand brushed the 2 aluminium panels that will be sandwiching the p5 and the acrylic panel that will act as a RGB diffuser.
  10. Couldn't have said it better myself. Having tons of fun with this contest.
  11. Its crunch time and still have lots of work to do so hopefully I will have plenty of updates in the near future. Today I managed to get the PSU mounted along with the rad and fans, also some more body work (still waiting on some parts to print). Also managed to get all the actuators running at the same speed. Been having so much fun with this mod, cant wait for it to be finished though lol.
  12. The TT k.n.o.b. in the T rex jaws is a nice touch. This project is coming along great!
  13. Whats up guys! Update time again. I managed to get all the moving parts of the mod working. This was a huge hurdle for me as this entire project was designed around the moving parts. Still need to make some minor adjustments and refining to the system but super relieved to see everything working.
  14. Update Time!!! Building of the bottom part of the outer body has started. This part went much smoother as I learned much from building the top portion of the body. Hope to have the actuators hooked up so all the moving parts of the mod will be finished and I can start focusing on details and cosmetics. I also managed to finish up sanding and filling the top part of the body. I mounted the 3, 120mm TT Riing trio fans with a rad mount from an old TT x71 case I had worked great. now to design a facade to cover the cables and rad mount.
  15. I only have started the top section since it would be easier. Save the hardest for last lol. Still needs some filler and more sanding on some of the seems. Also I need to countersink and putty over the screw heads.
  16. Whats up guys, back with another update. So I have started work on the outer body of the project. My first time doing this kinda woodworking and I had a ton of fun doing it....well maybe not the sanding. First I needed to get all the right dimensions from my design.
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