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  1. My replacement cable from Tt will be here on Thursday. I'm debating if I try to test it right now, or not.... if I don't have to drain my loop, I may try it out. Otherwise, I'm putting the bracket back on (using your zip tie method) and calling it a day. I have had a few boot issues with the new cable, but I think it may be because I don't have the bracket in place and am getting some sag that may be putting a tad too much torque on it.
  2. Yep - just came here to report that mine is working as well! Had a couple minor issues with getting the bend radius correct. I also had the issue with the screw hole lining up. I wish I had checked here first! I ended up draining my loop - which at first I was thinking I could avoid - and in the process, despite trying to be super careful with lots of paper towels, etc, I ended up dripping red coolant on my nice new desk and now it's pretty much ruined. Luckily my large steele series mousepad covers it up. It got it working, went to move the case back and it acted up again for a few - so maybe in a few months I'll use your mounting method - as I am experiencing a slight bit of droop - but, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right! I also got a response from Mike at Thermaltake, he is sending me a new one - I may try it out soon when I get another GPU. If it still doesn't work, I know which one to purchase. I'm definitely glad it worked, as I was starting to fear I'd have to plug it straight into the motherboard - making the purpose of this case null and void, and I'd have to re-do the tubing bends. I'll check back later and re-read your post about cables and such! Great work again man! making already want to plan out some updates for the future (like the wrapping)
  3. So, I've decided to give this a try: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CEIEWU4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Reviews seem MUCH better. I won't get it for a few weeks due to back order (edit: I just happened to check it again and noticed it now suddenly said in stock! so I'll have it by Friday) -I'll let you know if it works out.
  4. I think what he is trying to say is "Yes, if you get the AIO bracket, that will allow the water 3.0 AIO to fit better in the P5". I believe Tt is also releasing a Core P9 that is a bit smaller that will natively work better with AIO coolers without the need for a bracket.
  5. Exactly - this is really impractical...no, ludicrous. I have 4 120mm Riing RGB fans - of course I had to buy a 1 pack and a three pack, and now I have to have both controllers available if I want to change colors around. I found the link cable, and almost did a spit take when I saw the shipping cost. Thermaltake really needs to do two things here: A) Have a 4-pack option of the Riing RGB fans. I mean #### - the Core P5 product pictures show 4 fans if you have a 480mm rad - so they should have a 4-pack option and B ) Get this cable out to retailers - even Amazon or Newegg will do, so we don't have to pay 3x the cost of the product just for shipping.
  6. Bummer man - I can at least boot up - but all intents and purposes, I might as well not be able to. Let me know if you try more shielding and it works. I've heard it can also be the bend radius of the cable - has to be a smooth bend. I tried that after reading about that and got things working, if only for a bit. I have found a few other cables that appear to be good quality (they look well shielded) I may try. I went with this case over the Phantec Enthoo Primo because of the vertical GPU mounting, but like you said - seems a poorly executed product so far. If I can't get the new cable (or get it work), and getting a new third-party cable doesn't work out - I'll have to drain the GPU loop and do a normal horizontal mount, thus having to re-do my bends, and that was a bit tedious for me, lol.
  7. This is amazing man! Puts my recent P5 build to shame, lol. I'm curious, did you add additional shielding to the provided 16x riser cable? My rig is currently almost unusable due to consistent driver crashes. I've narrowed it down to the riser cable. If I power down, and monkey with the bend radius of the cable a bit, I can run benchmarks, watch youtube vids, etc without issue...for a bit. Then all of a sudden I'll start getting driver crashes doing simple things like web browsing. I tried hitting up Thermal Mike's post about getting a new cable, but have received no response. Are you having issues with the cable provided? Or did you get a new one? Here is a couple shots of my build - nothing near as sweet as yours (I have the same ASUS mobo, and I really like it - especially the lighting control - mine is controlling the lights under the desk):
  8. I've sent Mike an email (last night) - hoping to get a response shortly. I've managed to get my current cable to work by messing with the bend radius - but it still seems a bit inconsistent - like, after some time, the cable 'sags' ever so slightly and it starts producing driver crashes. Question for Mike or the community - could the fact that I have a USB 2 header cable touching the riser cable (just slightly against the edge) make any difference? Like, by introducing interference?? I do have a USB mouse connected up through the front panel - I could re-locate it to the back, if others think it would cause an issue. Thanks!
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