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  1. The three pin header is for smart LEDs only which use 5V while the four pin headers are analog signals of RGB and use 12V. The Sync Controller only works with the smart LED header, but I read that on some mainboards you can actually switch the header from analog to smart. I don't know if it's possible on your mainboard, you might wanna read the manual for that or ask around. Maybe it's a BIOS option or some option in the controller software of the Asus mainboard. Or you consider using the ASUS AURA Terminal.
  2. Wow, I haven't looked in here for very long. I found a VERY easy solution that didn't require much electrical understanding at all. Just get a RGB Amp for very low money. All you need to do is feed it with 5V from the PSU and the signal from the RGB header from the mainboard (it doesn't matter if it's 12V), the AMP provides the fittings with 5V and uses the RGB signal from the header and you can chain as many as you desire since those things can deal with plenty ampere, enough to chain every fitting in your system from one RGB header. It says 12-24V DC, but it also works wi
  3. Now that i have those Fittings here, i had some looks inside and it's a regular BRG+ header with the only difference of it being 5V except of 12V. And for such small LEDs the Fittings consume quite some power. Blue: ~70mA / Red: ~93mA / Green: ~71mA And that's just for one Fitting, which means if you want white, one Fitting would require ~234mA@5V Most if not all standart RGB controllers and headers on mainbords and GPUs supply 12V, so you have to step down the voltage and probably use an RGB LED Amp to provide the Fittings with enough juice. I am in the process
  4. I've read that it helps to try every USB connector available on the Mainboard, which also includes the back I/O ports. You can get an adapter cable from micro USB to USB A and plug it into any outside ports of your MB and case.
  5. I've recently ordered those Pacific RGB fittings from Thermaltake and i've inspected their structure. Apparently it's just BRG+... no fancy digital control, so making them compatible with Asus Aura should be easy, right? Well, that's why i'm making this post, because i'm not 100% sure how to make this. Asus Aura works with BRG+12V while the Fittings are powered with BRG+5V.... So theoretically i should be able to make one tiny adapter cable from PWM to RGB LED connector with a resistor on the + line, right? The thing is, since we get the option to daisychain them, i want to daisychai
  6. Those are SMD 1616 if i'm correct... i've measured them. Very tiny 5V RGB LEDs
  7. I've read about those, apparently it's a problem with the USB header. Some say you should try every USB port (even those on the MB back I/O) and eventually you find one that's compatible and working with the controller. Oh and you dont necessarily have to use the 9 pin USB 2.0 header on your MB for the Riing fans, you can get a simple USB adapter cable with a Micro USB to USB connector and hook it up with one of your back I/O USB ports, you would have to run the cable through the case somehow. I suggest a flat wire cable. But i'm running an intel i7 5930k (got it way before Ryzen was a th
  8. Heh! You know, Tt could make things a WHOLE LOT easier by making a controller for the fans that has a RGB in and a PWM in header! Heck they could even sell that thing as an upgrade to the existing fans and people would happily buy it, but noooo we gotta use their "specialised" Software that causes alot of frustration as far as i've seen. Proprietary anything is the killer of convenience. Too bad manufacturers see "convenience" as having only proprietary stuff... well it's convenient for them, because they earn a whole lot more if they sell stuff that's only compatibel with their own stuff
  9. So i'm still on my quest of finding a way to sync every possible RGB LED in my case (ASUS GPU, RGB Fittings, reservoir lights, Riing fans) with one software (i know, rather impossible quest because apparently proprietary control is the "best" thing there is...) I considered trying Asus Aura, but it only works with simple RGB headers on thier own hardware. When i kept looking, i stumbled upon Gigabytes RGB Fusion which lists the new Thermaltake Riing plus premium fans as compatible? https://www.gigabyte.com/mb/rgb/ready Other than that i can't find any proof of this working... Ha
  10. Does this also count for the Riing Premium fans, too as they also got a 5-Pin JST 2.0 PH connector?
  11. I just love the look of the RGB Riing fans, they look simply great! Especially the newest "Plus" series! (although i'm abit mad that they released those shortly after the premium series. And me #### bought a pack of the premium ones back in november D:...) However, as cool as they are, i have a big issues with their RGB control policy. I would LOVE to be able to control Riing fans, RGB LED fittings, RGB lit hardware and various other RGB lights through ONE software or controller. Why must it be SO hard?! I really wish for RGB control standarts and cross compability! I hate to rely on
  12. I havent payed attention to what version number the intallation or program said, the instal exe was 2.0.0. It's #### (c'mon, i just typed "b.l.o.o.d.y", now that's an oversensitive censor filter imo) buggy, that's for sure. I wonder how Tts reaction to the NZXT Aer HUE+ RGB fans is? Tt should better fix their software, add more LED effects and expand the "Premium" line to the RGB Fittings to compete with NZXT, because their HUE+ software is way more superior to what Tt has and the Aer fans RGB looks way better. I would have switched to NZXT's fans in an instant if their LED ring wouldn
  13. I have a huge problem with the Riing RGB Software V 2.0.2 Firstly, while on the download page it says V 2.0.2, in the downloaded zip file it's 2.0.0? During installation Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) - 14.0.23026 want's that i change the setup (either repair or deinstal, i choose repair) The bigger problem however occurs after installation. AVG shows a "Generic virus" alert for the Thermaltake RGB Fan Controller.exe Despite putting the exe on the exceptions list, i cannot open the software. Nothing happens by double-clicking the start bar icon or the desktop icon. Neit
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