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  1. finally i had to request a replacement for the replacement. I hope they send me the new premium wire
  2. So the cable was working for 6 weeks and now its broken again. Its only possible to run it now with GEN1 and GEN2 in BIOS. For me it makes no sense, so i will request for a new replacement
  3. ḥello there, six weeks ago i had to build a new computer because my old one died So i decided to build up a complete new system which should also look great. Thats why I decided to buy the View 27 from TT because i liked the vertical mounting. After 2 weeks i received all the parts and was happy to finally start with the assembly. Then i got the same problem as you guys with the riser. I can only run the computer with PCI-E 1.0 ( Asus STRIX Gaming Bios setting ) but still got bluescreens sometimes at bootup. After I found this thread right here, i decided to contact TT to get a replacement. Yesterday it finally arrived and i will try it today. I will keep you guys posted! Andreas 1) Update: Looks like it is working now, but i didn't set PCI-Express to "AUTO" in bios, instead i set it to "GEN3"! If it is working more than 3 days i will update the post and keep you posted 2) Update: It is working 2 days now. But I still have Bluescreen with "machine exception error" on every boot after normal shutdown. I will try to reinstall windows next weekend to see if it is a software issue with windows 10!
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