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  1. software is very limiting. good luck getting it to do anything "decent"
  2. dont buy them. the software is sooo crap you WILL regret your purchase.
  3. The software sucks soo hard yet they refuse to fix it?
  4. yeah. the software is crap. don't buy these fans. pity cause they look totally beast in a system. love the look. but the software................. TT doesn't seem to care much cause no updates to it yet. PWM is on the cpu. the software ships with HWiNFO64.dll (hardware info) dll. (same thing rainmeter skins use for hw info). if the software inst running (mine decided to stop auto starting on its own) then the pc sounds like a Boeing taking off. 1400RPM full speed fans. you need a usb2 header on your motherboard for it as well, there is no manual switch for it either - software controlled or GTFO. good luck in a few years when mobos are usb3 only. love the fans.. but i really really really regret buying them cause of the software. in the beginning i held up hope that TT can fix the software. but i lost hope now.
  5. see this thread aswell http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/51682-riing-12-led-rgb-radiator-fan-tt-premium-edition-software-not-that-great/
  6. i recently got these fans. the software is a joke. it doesnt even have a "open minimized/hidden button". you guys really screwed us over with the "premium" fans. when bought them i was under the impression they were the same as the "dumb" rgb fans, as in the controller had the buttons and it can plug directly to a pwm port. but instead i get a really dumbed down hardware controller that connects to the motherboard via usb2 header. this means that in a few years these fans will be useless when there arent any usb2 headers on motherboards any more and i wont be able to use it "normally". there is no reason any more for the controller to do ANYTHING other than pass the correct settings from the api to the correct fan. some suggestions: make an api for the fans. something like: (and please let it be able to be done from cmd prompt etc, added bonus will be cross system compatibility not just windows if the api and software front end are coded in a universal language) ttprem -color <red>,<green>,<blue> -brightness <brightness 0-100> -speed <set speed number 1 -100> ttprem -color cycle -brightness 100 -speed pwm ttprem <controller number>:<fan number> -color cycle ttprem 1:1,2,3 2:2,3 -color cycle (controller 1 all 3 fans, controller 2 only fans 2 and 3) ttprem.exe -color <r,g,b> -brightness <0-100> -speed <0-100> -duration <seconds> (added duration, how long it must take from last settings to new settings) this could allow for some pretty neet setups. everything from rainmeter events to bat files to the fans being able to be changed based on other "measures" the software you ship with purely interacts with the api. all the fans need to be shown. no needing to jump between controllers. the software must handle it all seamlessly. define groups of fans. can be a mix and match from different controllers. a fan can be a part of more than 1 group. settings can be applied to individual groups. no limit on how many groups you want allow the pwm feature to listen to other measures like GPU / hard drive / case temp with custom sliders. when "measure value = 50" then "fan speed = 60%" etc (custom curve). you guys use HWinfo in anycase. should be easy to program (imagine having a fan blink like a hard drive notification light, or fans changing colour based on an open app). i'll add more if i think about them
  7. i recently bought the riing rgb prems.. must say im quite disappointed in them that software is a real mess....
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