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  1. I got my set and to be completely honest this is not a bad set for the price. I love the feel of the keyboard while typing and it does feel like you're using a mechanical. The mouse has a very comfortable feel to it while gaming long sessions, although it's a little light for my taste. So i modded it. I took 2 4.5g weights from my Tt Black Combat mouse and added them to the Commander mouse. I used a few pieces of double sided tape so they don't move around. The weights added just enough to the mouse that it now feels perfect in my hand while gaming. So if you are looking for a new keyboard and don't want to break the bank doing it, and get a mouse with it. The Commander Gaming Gear combo is what you've been looking for. I give 2 thumbs up to Thermaltake and Tt eSports for giving us a budget gaming set that is the Commander Gaming Gear combo. Get yours today.
  2. Radiators don't have specific in and out ports. Hook it up however you want.
  3. He just had to get a peek of the new case.
  4. I got my Core V1 yesterday and for being a refurbished case, I can not see anything out of place. Looks perfect! I am doing a build for my step-son that will be running a Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI Mobo, a AMD A10-7700K apu, and a XFX R9270X. Notice the size difference between the Core V1 and the V71. My Core V71 looks massive compared to the tiny little Core V1. And yes....Tt Dude approves!
  5. Nice Builds everyone. I just bought a Core V1 (referb) for below $50 shipped. Not sure of its outcome just yet but I couldn't beat that price.
  6. Congrats on the win. I got the Tt Dude package in round 2. Enjoy!
  7. How's the progress going with the build. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  8. I finally got my very own Tt Dude. The package also contained a folder and a water bottle which I thought was really cool. My TT Dude came by way of Santa's Ball Bustin' Bajingo game during Christmas 2014. I couldn't believe I actually won round 2 of the game. But I did and I got my very own Tt Dude and I couldn't be happier. I will take care of him like family. Shoot, it wasn't 5 minutes and he was jumping into my rig to check it out. He will be very happy here for a very long time. Thank you Thermaltake and Tt eSports.
  9. I'm so happy this is finally getting released. I've been wanting to do custom water cooling for awhile but when I saw Thermaltake was getting ready to release their own, I had to wait. Then it came to me, I'm gonna make this an AMD / Thermaltake themed build. All Thermaltake parts powered by AMD. Now I just need to save the money... again.
  10. I just saw the video for the RGB Poseidon Z keyboard. That is absolutely beautiful and I have now found my new keyboard.
  11. I'm expecting to see them super awesome Tt liquid cooling products you've been teasing us with all year. My Tt/AMD rig has been waiting patiently all warm and cozy wishing to be cool and chilly.
  12. Yes< please fix this. I would love to get a few shirts and a hoodie. And anything that looks cool.
  13. I'm finally gonna have a Tt Dude of my very own from Tt Dude and Santa's Ball-Bustin' Bajinko Gmae.
  14. I can't believe I'm finally gonna have a Tt Dude of my very own.
  15. Sweet I just won a Tt Dude package. #### I can't believe I won. Congratulations go out to RVFER and hotcoolman On their wins as well.
  16. My gaming rig is currently in the living room with plans to move it to an unused bedroom. Once in there I will be setting up a full on man / nerd cave where I will be creating YouTube content and streaming games on Twitch.tv. No kids so the room is currently used for nothing but storage.
  17. WOO HOO #3 on the hall of fame... so far. Just so happens I need a new keyboard to complete my Tt eSports set. Fingers crossed!
  18. My current rig is going to be a Thermaltake / AMD build if I can get more money saved up for it.
  19. Y'all are killing me with all this coming soon stuff. I can't wait anymore...
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