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  1. You really need to put some of this stuff up for sale on your website. I'm loving that Tt eSports cap and as always Tt Dude. Please send me a Tt Dude.
  2. Standing on my psu or maybe a costom shelf for him.
  3. CyberDustin777

    Core V21 ??

    Looks to be a sweet case! I especially like the stackable option.
  4. 240 and 360 Both in the same loop or as separate loops. 240 for cpu and 360 for gpu.
  5. 68 games, of those I've played about 50%
  6. Using adhesive has made a big improvement to the feet staying put. No nails required...lol
  7. Windows 7 because I didn't really like Win8. Hoping Windows 10 will be a good OS.
  8. Water : Cooler running temps and better overclocking.
  9. I will be happy to send you my case to get painted...lol. That chrome and Tangerine is going to look beautiful.
  10. I am wanting to get the Dragon logo laser etched into the side window of my PC case... which is the Core V71.
  11. Really like em, on my head as I type this. Very comfortable to wear long sessions. Here's a pic for you... Cronos, Draconem, and Black Combat White
  12. Here's my pair. They sound great and are very comfortable to wear during long gaming sessions. Chose black because the red lights on the white headset looked pink.
  13. Heck ya, I want a flag too so I can put it on the wall behind me for video/streaming background.
  14. All of the above!!! Shirts, hoodies, drink bottles, hats, bags. I've been wanting a Thermaltake / Tt eSports hoodie for awhile now but cannot find one.
  15. CPU AMD FX-9590 $282.98 CPU Cooler Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate $138.53 Motherboard Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z $219.99 Memory G.Skill 32GB $369.99 Storage Intel 800GB SSD $1406.13 Western Digital 4TB 7200RPM $229.99 Video Card Sapphire Radeon R9 295X2 $999.99 Sapphire Radeon R9 295X2 $999.99 Case Corsair 900D $319.99 Power Supply EVGA 1600W $369.99 Optical Drive Asus BW-16D1HT $89.99 * Operating System Windows 8.1 Professional (32/64-bit) $170.99 Monitor LG 34UM95 34.0" $1007.58 LG 34UM95 34.0" $1007.58 LG 34UM95 34.0" $1007.58 Sound Card Creative Labs ZXR $209.99 Fan Controller Lamptron FC Touch $69.98 Keyboard Razer Battlefield 4 BlackWidow Ultimate $167.99 Mouse Razer Naga Molten $144.00 Headphones Razer KRAKEN 7.1 CHROMA $99.99 Speakers Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 $229.99 Subtotal: $9543.23 * Mail-In Rebates: $25.00 Total: $9518.23 Estimated Wattage: 1383W
  16. Since this became a pinned thread I shall post in it. A few quick tips if you plan on buying this mouse pad is the four rubber feet on each corner do not stay on if you move it. I applied a small dab of adhesive in each one and have not had a problem since. As for the bungee, instead of adhesive I used double stick tape so you have the option to move it around. Also the mouse cord does not like to stay in the slot provided in the bungee if moved or tugged on. I have the Black Combat White mouse which comes with a pre-attached velcro strap for winding up the cord for storage purposes, which I then wrapped around the bungee to keep it together. I used a second piece of velcro to make sure it doesn't move. Overall I love it! It is well made and can be cleaned very easily. If you have any more questions about this mouse pad , please feel free to ask in this thread and I will reply asap.
  17. That is 5760 x 1080 , 3 24" monitors using AMD Eyefinity.
  18. Commander FX - 10 Port Fan Hub Toughpower Grand 850W (Fully Modular) MEKA G-Unit Illuminated Blue Switch Edition keyboard, And last but certainly not least, The Thermaltake custom water cooling parts. I think that's it but that can change at any time.
  19. I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!!
  20. I was using 2 for the longest time which works great for multitasking. But now my wife thinks I'm nuts...LOL
  21. Thank you!! These monitors aren't high dollar but they do work good for me. They are only 60 hz refresh but I was able to get all 3 on sale at $150 each, $50 off. I would like to jump to 4k but right now the cost is what's keeping me from doing it. Maybe in the future.
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