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Everything posted by CyberDustin777

  1. Cronos Gaming headset, black I use mine with my Samsung Galaxy S3. I love the fact that I don't have to remove them to answer the phone.
  2. I am using 3 Acer 24 inch G6 series monitors. Display model: G246HL Resolution: 1920x1080 Refresh rate: 75 Hz When doing multiple projects I use them as 3 separate screens and while gaming on ( on some titles ) I use AMD Eyefinity as 1 scrren with a resolution of 5760 x 1080.
  3. After thinking for about 2 seconds I will have to say custom liquid cooling by Thermaltake. Using a combo of air and AIO at the moment. LOL Eagerly waiting!!!
  4. I'm very excited!!! been waiting since Computex 2014 when we got a sneak peek at some products.
  5. Can't wait to get my hands on some of the new LCS products. My Core V71 has been waiting to upgrade to custom till these are available.
  6. That's a sweet looking set up.
  7. Can someone please tell me how thick the window is in mm. I'm at work and don't have access right now. I need to know what length the screws need to be before I order.
  8. Sweet, thanks for the tips. I will keep this thread posted.
  9. How's this for a selfie? A Draconem mouse pad, Cronos headset, and a Black Combat White mouse all in the same pic.
  10. Hi Renegade, I plan on doing a similar mod in the future and would like to know how difficult it was to remove the mesh. I am working on a Thermaltake / AMD build and would like to paint that same piece red. Also, try contacting customer support for a replacement panel. I had to get a top panel replaced and it was fairly easy to do.
  11. Can you show your process on how you painted this. If you have pics.
  12. That really looks sweet! Might have just changed my mind on the 140mm and will go with a 200mm fan instead.
  13. I will have to say I love the Core V71 I'm using now...but the Thermaltake Armor Kandalf from 2005 is a sexy case.
  14. I plan on doing this in the near future using a Luna 14 case fan and a custom grill. Will post some pics when completed.
  15. How do I tell the difference between DT and DTA?
  16. Thank you! Now all I need is a TT keyboard and I will have All TT peripherals. It's too bad the wife said no more stuff until I finish a few projects around the house.
  17. My new Gaming Mouse, the Black Combat White. I'm liking this a lot, nicely weighted, smooth black rubberized grip. Good job Thermaltake and Tt eSports.
  18. So very pretty!!! If I may ask, where is this?
  19. I'm running an AIO on my cpu at the moment and air on my gpus. As soon as Thermaltake releases their Custom components I will begin buying parts for a custom loop. I know they are coming just don't know an exact time frame. Any teasers or timelines you can give out?
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