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  1. LOL. So I have moved on obviously. Ended up becoming a bit more of a Keyboard snob in my older age and fell into Cherry MX Brown's and Speed Switches. Will never switch back now. But was just searching through old bookmarks seeing what I could get rid of, and clicked on this because I couldn't remember what the #### this was for. Read through the forum and had a laugh. No One ever said if this was ever fixed. But 3 Years later after the last post, has this ever been addressed, or are we still not able to use Macro's at the same time as the windows key, because "that's just how it was designed"
  2. ...Wow So Lachee you were right. You posted to me after my last post and said that you could change colors of the keyboard while in non-gaming mode without issue, so I looked into it, and you were right. When doing it through the software (which was the only way I knew how to change the colors at first) it would automatically switch to gaming mode, but when doing it through the on-board keyboard shortcut, it changed the color without switching to gaming mode, so I get my red-lighting which was at least enough for me to be able to keep the keyboard. At the same time I bought the keyboar
  3. Hello! I just bought this Keyboard, and LOVE IT! With one MAJOR EXCEPTION! This exception is enough for me to RMA my keyboard and get another one instead.I REALLY thought this one was the best value, but I was unaware of this problem! I am having the same issue as everyone else in this post. I NEED to be able to use the Windows Key, and the Macro Keys at the same time. There is no way to set a profile for default NON-Gaming mode, and the NON-GAMING mode, is the ONLY mode that the Windows Key works in. I am an IT Administrator, that does about 50% of my work from home remotely. I got this k
  4. So I am Confused. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but it relates to the same topic. I to have a Challenger Prime Keyboard. I just bought it, and hooked it up. And I LOVE IT!!! However, I got it mainly for the backlighting and the macro keys. I am an IT administrator, and unfortunately, don't have much time for gaming these days. I found this Windows Key thing to be a HUGE problem. I'm glad I found this forum, it tought me how to switch between gaming mode and standard mode quickly, and that does allow my windows key to work again. Although thats where the problem comes in. I like the Red
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