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  1. nope. just stopped working. was working for a month and then just stopped. was able to talk a bit to thermalmike. he said most prolly its the controller thats broken
  2. yeah works for some people. was working for me for about a month and a half. then suddenly nothing
  3. chrome. is that the problem? ill try another you wont know unless you connect em all. try it first with the fans out just the connections. if it works then take your rig apart
  4. says failed. server problem. but i tried this download before. it downloads the 1.0.2 version
  5. did they say if they were ever going to sell them individually? or sell the controller only?
  6. how'd you contact them? i have the exact same problem but mine are stuck on blue. what software are you guys running? i can only find links to 1.0.1 and 1.0.2. neither of them work
  7. what he ^ said. you guys dont respond. sell the controller separately since the ones you bundle with the 3 pack dont work anyway.
  8. or you guys can just sell the controller separately so 1. we dont have to buy another 3 pack just to get 2 controllers and 2. so we can replace the broken ones you send out. smh
  9. your link downloads version 1.0.2. and it doesnt work. fans are not recognized. cant change rpm, color, anything
  10. can anyone link the newest software version? the 2.1++ versions?
  11. hello. tried all the aforementioned fixes, doesnt work still. tried different versions of the software too, nothing. no rpm, cant control the speed etc. can only see the temps but idk if thats accurate. if i click the info button on the 1.0.1 software it takes me to a text document with these: HWi32_GetVoltage:Core #0 VID = 1.11133 HWi32_GetClock:Core #0 Clock = 3300 question: does that mean the controller is actually communicating properly but its the software thats screwy? also i cant seem to find the version 2.1 etc of the software. if you click the download button on the site it downloads the 1.0.2 version and that doesnt work
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