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    Jedson3614 got a reaction from teddyb in Riing Plus TT Premium Edition (16.8 Million colors) software help   
    If any of you need help with any of their products I can assist you here on the forum! I work with tons of their cases, fans, and coolers. 
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    Jedson3614 reacted to deacon101 in Riing Plus 12 LED RGB Fans not detected   
    I got mine working by cutting away some of the excess rubber from the USB cables. The problem is, the controller casing doesn't let the USB port get fully connected to the hub. I was tempted to chip off the glue but I didn't dare to do it in the end. 
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    Jedson3614 got a reaction from Razarc in Riing Plus 12 LED RGB Fans not detected   
    I can help you here! Thank me later. There are a number of things that can fix this problem, but I'm going to ask you to do something strange. You should in screw the plastic hub housing from the controller and remove it entirely.
    Once you have it out of the box unplug the micro USB side then plug it back in. Restart your pc. I actually have the naked hub mounted to the rear of my motherboard tray and have no issues.
    I have a feeling you will be surprised this works. There are a few reasons why but the most important is the USB connection isn't sitting well and not allowing the software to read the box. Also look for a white glue substance behind the USB connection, if there is a lot scrape some away.
    Hopefully your comfortable doing this and I get it your product isn't working as intended but it will fix your problem , if it doesn't I know a few more things to try but do that first.
    Also your title says riing plus and that software your using is for riiing premium. Plus fans are better than premium and just came out.
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    Jedson3614 got a reaction from rdonlick3 in Riing Plus 12 LED RGB Fans not detected   
    I got an official response back from Thermaltake for everyone wondering what the problem is. The micro b to USB 9 pin cables are too short on the micro b end to make contact to the hub, they are going to offer replacement and if you just try another micro b cable like a phone one, this should fix everyone's issue.
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