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  1. Looks good! Curious how the display works out - will be a good feature. Also, it's nice to know even sponsored people get to use any free space in the house. Caught #### yesterday for it in mine... I can tell her "Maybe someday I'll hit the big time baby!" hahaha
  2. Replying to this just because I see it a second time. It's not their fault. No AiO cooler is long enough - none. NZXT, Corsair, TT... none. The P5 is a full-loop water-cooling rig or air, plain and simple. The P3 is the one you should have bought... They have a P1, P3 and P5. If they make the AiO with 3 foot long cables, then the far larger market share will complain their cases are filled with "stupid long cables." Like I said in your other thread - I get you're frustrated, I had the same issue with an NZXT X62 - but I had two choices, go with full-loop or get a P3... I went full-loop. YMMV. http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Chassis/Mid_Tower_/Core/C_00002908/Core_P3/design.htm Look at the pics on that one, bunch have AiO. The P5 pics, on every site - have zero AiOs.
  3. McFly

    Core P5

    I get it's frustrating, but the P3 case is made specifically for that reason. They saw there were issues with AIOs, and they built the P3 - it's been out for a while! I don't work for TT, and can recognize my own issues with the P5, namely the extension cable - but otherwise it's a solid case. If you put three-foot cables on the AIO coolers, then someone will complain they're "too long" and bung up the nice case they have. Put a 30 dollar air cooler on, put a dual-tower air, or go full water loop... those are your options on that case. Otherwise, you can go with a P3 instead or a variety of options... it's your case. Sorry, but I get it's frustrating - I had the same issue with a NZXT X62 - but I didn't blame TT - there's the difference. Seems more like you're angry you didn't do your research before a custom build and now are taking it our on TT trying to make it sound like they're not thinking - and in that one case - they have no culpability for your issues.
  4. Well, got the $13.99 cable from Amazon in today. Hooked it all up and it booted, then would crash in 3DMark. FurMark had low scores and was pausing. Wrapped it in aluminium shielding between the two layers of ribbon, then outside the ribbon around as a shield, now works. I just finished 3DMark with a score of 7791 and am running FurMark for 24 hours now... The TT base cable from the P5 actually had really thick shielding. It has to be an idiosyncrasy with the single layer or something. I mean they even added capacitors to the stock cable... so it has to be the gauge or something in my situation.
  5. I saw a couple people in the main thread had tried one and they said it was working. It's quite a bit of money though, so if you're $80 USD in, why not spend $20 and buy the 3M one... which has over 10 people on this forum alone that says it works.
  6. I have to agree with Joshua, I'm not affiliated with TT, but the BIOS/Mainboard can be extremely off - if your 5V was 3.3V it likely wouldn't even work properly. I would recommend a proper PSU tester with a multi-meter if you're not actively having issues. One of the big issues is the vendor of the PS doesn't know what's drawing - so it could be a mainboard issue or a device issue on the 5V, it becomes a lot more of a diagnostics issue. Steps a person can do are, trick the ATX12V to stay on and then test the leads with a multimeter or use a professional tester. You can test a different power supply on yours or put in another mainboard but both require additional hardware which greatly complicates things.
  7. Didn't use this fluid right off the hop... saw these issues and complaints and just used PrimoChill True Infused - Insanely Concentrated Liquid Pre-Mix (8oz) - Red. Essentially it's $30 worth of problems from what I see. They make opaque too and I know you have this issue and there were complaints, but that is a job I don't want, and I don't want to do RMAs for liquid to clean it twice, ever. I get it needs maintenance - but every 12 hours - no go for me. lol
  8. Didn't use this fluid right off the hop... saw these issues and complaints and just used PrimoChill True Infused - Insanely Concentrated Liquid Pre-Mix (8oz) - Red. Essentially it's $30 worth of problems from what I see. They make opaque too and I know you have this issue and there were complaints, but that is a job I don't want, and I don't want to do RMAs for liquid to clean it twice, ever. I get it needs maintenance - but every 12 hours - no go for me. lol
  9. Looking good... your garage looks like mine does. Haha - project central.
  10. Hi Mike, I did contact both the 1088 line and the TTPremium store (I'm not sure if that is "run" by TT or just affiliated with TT (in fairness) but I think it's TT-owned(?) as your main site links there in numerous places. When I called both lines they mentioned I did have to buy the adapter. Again - it's $7 USD, so lets be real - I was okay with that... I will say Corsair sent me one for my other PC free but I "did" wait almost three weeks for it (I also own a closed loop H110i), but it came by USPS First Class I think and not UPS (no import fee), but for a bracket like this, UPSs tracking and then getting charged $4.25 CAD for import fees isn't worth it - you could lose five and still be cost-positive. I "did" quote the shipping wrong at $80 as I had tried to add a W4 "plus" the W1 AM4 adapter on my initial estimate, but totally backed out once I saw shipping. Updated screenshot attached - it is $27.29 USD to $67.10 USD - plus I have to pay the import fee for them handling customs, which again, will be $4.25 CAD on top (plus taxes on the total value 5% on , it's essentially a $52.47 CAD adapter kit if I go the cheapest route offered to me. To give you an idea, I bought $280 USD in supplies from another vendor in the USA from Florida (9.8Lbs - don't have the dim weight) and had it shipped for $40.98 USD by FedEx Priority (1-3 day). They have a $10 CAD import fee but I bypass that by having an account to bill it to my CC, so even "more" options would help.... USPS, UPS and FedEx or something. When I called the 1088 line about the cable I was directed to the e-RMA tool on the site, which I have yet to do (couple days - that's on me) because I have to scan/photograph the invoice. I'm sure it's easy to do, but another identical cable is probably not cost effective for your company or myself. I'll follow up on it, but I've also bought a $13.99 CAD cable from Amazon.ca to test, if it works - I may move the old cable's shielding and black fabric cover - my milage may vary - understood. Regarding the silicone insert - I've already bought a GPU water block, additional fittings and the silicone insert. I guess the trick is, your more "simple" kits (RL360 RGB) do not include the insert and then you are recommended on the box to buy the $99 CAD bending kit, which includes the $5 piece of silicone (FYI, using a piece of foam, does NOT work! Haha! I can't even find a silicone insert alone from Newegg.ca, MemoryExpress or NCIX - so I just bought one from a 3rd party reseller, Performance-PCs.com). Box pic attached noting no insert is included... but in fairness the RL360 ad on Amazon.ca isn't inspiring - it says it has a 240mm rad. So, I get it's not in the kit, and I'm not asking for freebies now - but it's a "weird" thing not to include... and I totally admit it's my fault for not catching it, it's just - your nicer kits include them - it could easily be in there for an extra $5 and then we'd be cooking with gas out of the gates. It's like the person who planned the Reef, Riptide and Pacific kits didn't plan the RL360 Hard Tube Kit and then they just approached it like the soft tubing kits... which, isn't useful for the customer. I see the RL240 Hard Tube Kit also has that "design" so maybe it's planned as per product design and marketing? Anyways, none of this has to do with the P5... so I'll contact support and I'll ask for a cable, but reading this thread through 14 pages tells me "there's a better way." And honestly, your products are all so cool, and you offer so many amazing 3D models for mods, and there are so many positives - I just guess I figured someone would think, "This might really be a stressor for customers" over the last year and change it. I've owned a bunch of cases and accessories from your company over the years and they've been pretty great... I guess the AM4 shipping issues, coupled with the cable and seeing a lot of people didn't find success after doing two RMAs at times, makes it kinda disappointing. I know that both TT and it's employees are not ignoring customers, but changing the solution or tweaking product design might help a lot for these.
  11. Well, I read this whole thread and all I can say is it's brutal. I got this case about three weeks or a month ago and brought it home and assembled it and put a brand-new MSI Gaming X 8GB 1080 in it and immediately recognized something was wrong when I booted up after installing windows. Massive USB pausing… Crazy hangs in programs starting (disk reads - M.2 card) and 4-6 FPS in 3DMark. For all of you guys claiming that nothing could be wrong with the cable and those are mainboard issues, sorry, but you've simply never seen it and are ignorant to massive interference on the main bus of a PC. I found the problem in less than ten minutes, since that is a non-standard cable and looked "sketchy" out of the box. Poor foil job, ripples all through the cord, sorry Thermaltake but it's just a bad cable choice. Should have raised the cost of the case from $120-$150 and sold it at $150-$170 and it would have been far and away a better idea, or cut $5 off and don't sell the cable with it. You've created a real customer service nightmare for yourself and you can blame it on our PCs all you want, but at the end of the day - people buy the 3M and it works - and now a year later you're still running into a wall and then upselling a "premium" cable. Zero chance I'll be buying that from you. Also, it manifests itself on a new mainboard (swapped the mainboard out to upgrade from 350 to 370) and have tried a test video card (nVidia 670) and a new set of RAM (two different kits of G.Skill) to see if different components affected it. I'm using an RGB Thermaltake 750W power supply... I bought a full water cooling kit from you and this case and fans, and I doubt I'll buy another product from you. I guess it doesn't matter to you possibly, but whomever boxes your product designs up in headquarters has some pretty poor decision-making skills (i.e. They're "cheap"). Enthusiast case, poor cable for the biggest flash feature, then keep telling every customer it's their hardware config, right. Sell me a water cooling kit with tubing, rad, fittings, CPU block and coolant even, but NO SILICONE TUBE. A full special-order kit and then at the end I can't use it because in true "buyer beware" fashion, you don't include the critical component that is a necessity to bend any tubing? I get it, no 90's, fine - but no silicone? $5 of silicone? Really? No AM4 support, 100% reasonable - its new! Oh wait, you don't just send a mount kit for free (like 90% of the market), have to buy one - okay $6.99 USD - oh wait - you want $30-$80(?!?!?!?) to ship it to me in Canada? Not. Happening. I built a jig, drilled out the spots and fabricated it all up on a Sunday. Yeah, no warranty now? Don't worry - it's not like your words mean anything anyways. All I want is a working cable and a working mount kit, and clearly I'm on my own for both because you "claim" a warranty but you're actually just sending another semi-garbage cable and then upselling the twinax one for $60-$99 (USD-CAD). You should sell the upgraded one for cost, with USPS or free shipping (rather than send garbage cables again and again). As for claiming tons of people don't complain, I but there is two things, a higher than average return rate at your resellers and a lot of people who plugged direct or simply bought another cord over RMA because they didn't want to wait for the RMA process. Seriously, this is a 14-page forum post spanning over a year... you've had time to change the shippping product or fix it. You're not bad people, you sell some REALLY cool products, but someone needs to realize in your company that selling something unreliable and then expecting customers to cough up money for more parts and to basically rip them off for shipping is a solid way to lose market share. There is ZERO chance it is $80 USD to ship a CPU mount by UPS to Canada. I ship stuff all the time from China to Canada and to and from the US for work and personal.
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