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  1. is @JeffWuon this thread also? This issue has been significant and so far not a single response from Thermaltake Dev's.
  2. Same here, 4 controllers and since 1.3.9, 2 of them need to be manually turned on as well as fan controllers default to different fan ports each restart. What a pain.
  3. Thanks, @JeffWu, looks like the version provided works and doesn't seem to force update to the latest version. Will standby for a fix to the latest version. Cheers
  4. Yes that worked in all aspects. RGB tab working, able to login and zero fan setting available. Thanks
  5. Nope, sorry didn't work. Same thing, no RGB tab, not able to login and no silent fan option. I reverted back to 3.1.6
  6. That worked (sort of). On 3.1.6 the RGB tab is back, I am able to log on, and I am able to select 'Zero Fan', which I could not on 3.1.7. With that said, within seconds the app auto updates to 3.1.7 (without even giving me a choice to stop it). Any suggestions?
  7. Sorry but this only gives me the option to download version 3.1.6. Which doesn't work. Unless I'm missing something.
  8. Is there a place we can download older versions of the software until this is resolved?
  9. first off, I don't even have RGB plus installed. My CPU is Intel i7-7700K 4.20GHz
  10. Same here on 3.1.7, I have the RGB toughpower 1500w and the RGB tab is now gone and the fan is dark. Also on another note, I cannot login to the app. I enter email and password and 'login', but nothing happens. The software does detect the power supply, and the software is giving me data in real time, so I know its communicating. Please fix ASAP.
  11. As an update, my fan no longer comes on. DPS software states it can't read the rpm on the fan. 2 weeks later and now DPS can't even connect to the device anymore and closes out. Will be sending for RMA
  12. I tested those options first, but I can stay it is now working.... Solution was to restart the computer numerous times apparently. Just started working on its own, and has been good so far. Thank you!
  13. I can't get my 1500w power supply to connect. I've tried different USB cables, different USB ports, but still cant get device manager to read it. On DPS software. Thoughts?
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