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  1. I loved this keyboard, bought two, and a few friends got them as well after seeing them at my home office. Three years later many of the keys started double typing or not typing all...for all of us....thankfully, I keep sales receipts. Sent them back in for replacement and got the replacements a few weeks later... Three days later my PC's started acting funny....after a few hours I determined that the escape key was activating without being pushed and creating havoc. The backspace key doesn't like to be used too much either, it gathers six clicks and then stores the rest and goes nuts. I will be returning these two new KB's as soon as I have time after Christmas for refunds. I will miss this beautiful thing but I can't spend all this time on diag and returns. Good thing I am a tech and have spares I can use....
  2. Thank you! I thought I was going crazy! I own three of these and only one so far is doing it... They were all bought between Nov-Dec 2014 w, m, a, o and then the comma and so forth, driving me nuts. I've e-mailed support with the serial number... Do they send you UPS labels or something? Cheers.
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