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  1. For Motherboards with the Asus RGB addressable header, which uses +5V, could that header be used and just split the fitting off of there? Nevermind...answered my own question...no it cannot
  2. Would just like to confirm that there is no way currently to tie the Pacific RGB G1/4 PETG Tube 16mm OD 12mm ID fittings into the current TT RGB Plus software. Can this be done somehow? If so, please explain how or point me to the right docs! If not, any plans to provide a way to integrate? Maybe a module to interface it with the new TT RGB PLUS ecosystem? I got 15 RIING Plus fans and 2 sets of LumiPlus LED strips to go along with 2 sets of these Pacific RGB fittings in my custom dual loop Tower 900 Rig only to realize that these Pacific RGB fittings are not integrated with the new ecosystem. At least as far as I can tell....
  3. Any plans to add control of other vendors RGB components? For example Razer Chroma or Asus Aura? I understand that Asus Aura can control the TT Riing controllers, but what about flipping that and have TT RGB Plus control Asus Aura or Razer Chroma?
  4. Thought I would throw out there for the community what I did in the end. You were so very right with your advice on fit! I was able to put the Alphacool 360 UT 60 X-Flow radiator in and put both drive cages in without chassis modification. See Attached picture. But I could not get a 420 x-flow to fit..even with modifying the case..(I was trying to find a way to get the 420 UT 60 X-flow Radiators into this rig, but even with relocating top case fan and relocating and stacking the drive cages on top of each other at the top of the case would not have given me enough room to mount them!) :( So again, thanks for the great info! Very much appreciated!
  5. Thanks Mike, Question: Best way to configure the Tower 900...Rads above or below the Drive Cages? With my office configuration the Tower 900 will be sitting on the floor. Not my first choice due to dust considerations. But that begs the question, Drive cages above or below the radiator? ( I see logic that putting the Rads above the drive cages reduces dust and putting the highest heat source at the highest point in the chassis, but I have not seen anyone build one like that...comments/Thoughts?) (I also see the logic of putting the Rads below the drive cages so that the drain port is there and is the lowest point of loop. Thoughts/comments? ) Question: Where would you put your drain port on the Tower 900? Background Info: I have been building custom PC's for years and years, but this is my first time into Water Cooling, SLI video cards, and Overclocking. My plan is to run the Tower 900 dual loop, Loop 1 for monoblock (Asus Strix x299, Intel i9-7980XE Overclocked). Loop 2 for Dual Asus Posideon gtx 1080TI video cards. I use my computer for gaming and as a "Mini Lab" for my work (think lots of virtual machines running DB's, App Servers, Active Directory Domains, etc) So those 18 cores will be put to work! I will be running 128 GB RAM and a 28TB RAID 5 Drive Array off the MB as well (thus my other post about getting additional drive cages for the Tower 900. )
  6. In the owner's manual there is a picture with multiple drive cages installed upon a Tower 900 chassis. How can I acquire additional drive cages?? I want to run an 8 drive array off of my MB so I need double what came with the chassis.
  7. I am trying to figure out what is the maximum size Radiator that will fit in the Tower 900 with the drive cage installed. The 560 is out, and I have heard people being successful with the drive cage and a 360 installed, but will a 420 or 480 fit with the drive cage installed?
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