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  1. Tack

    Level 20 XT

    Sure thing, Glad I could help.
  2. Tack

    Level 20 XT

    The sides have a very small gap at the top and bottom that is not really useful .Yes mounting them in that fashion is more meant for radiators as it will serve no benefit for any other use then that. But the bottom of the case is going to be the source of most of your air. Here is a pic of the bottom that I snapped when I was doing my build Here is a pic of the gap on the side using a penny
  3. Tack

    Level 20 XT

    Hey the 2 x 200mm on the front, 8 x 120mm on the top and 2 x 140mm on the back should work just fine for you. The amount of air that that will move in the case will make any air cooling set up happy. The 4x 120mm on the sides would not be efficient in your situation on the xt. Most of your air will come from the bottom and front of the case. In my xt I am using the Floe Riing RGB 360 in my set up but before that I was using air will the same fan set up and it kept temps nice
  4. From what I see you get the error but it is already clear of the error by the time you take the screenshot It seems to be very intermittent it could be one of the fans but as it stands I would go for a rma on the controller and see if that solves it. https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003056047-Warranty-Claim-RMA-Request They are normally good at getting those out fast I hope in future updates Thermaltake will put more information into the warning message.
  5. Does the error still come up if you run with pwm enabled?
  6. Can you see if this still happens with version 1.2.3 they just released yesterday here is a link to a support page with the download https://www.thermaltake.com/Cooler/Case_Fan_/Riing/C_00003056/Riing_Plus_12_RGB_Radiator_Fan_TT_Premium_Edition_5_Fan_Pack_/Support.htm
  7. Ok nvm I just reproduced what I thought was odd on my pc. So you are getting a error because you have all the items on controller 1 as Riing plus fans you will need to identify which one is the Floe Riing RGB(pump) and set it to that. The easy way to do this is make a new profile with each item set to a different color once you identify the pump set it as a Floe Riing RGB on the drop down like below Another way you can identify them without making a profile is by toggling them. A error should show up on the one that is the pump like in the link below. https://i.gyaz
  8. can you post another pic on that same controller but with 4 and 5 showing
  9. Can you post a screenshot of the software on controller 1
  10. can you take a screenshot of the software
  11. Do you have any devices that have errors in device manager
  12. That could very well be the issue. You probably have a lot of conflicts due to the hardware change.
  13. Did you do a fresh windows install after changing out the motherboard or are you still on the same install?
  14. yes there is To make the program start up just on taskbar right click the TT rgb icon on the taskbar tray you will see a option that says "Run TT RGB Plus Program when Windows starts" It has a box next to it click it. If the box is solid like below it will open on your desktop at startup If the box is hollow like below it will start on the taskbar tray.
  15. What gpu are you running Have you tried uninstalling it and deleting the tt folder at C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Roaming\Tt if you want to save any profiles you have copy the riing plus folder in that directory and replace it after you test the new install as for the standby not to sure about that never really use standby anymore so have not done no testing with it
  16. ahhhh you need to disable the ones that are not in use by clicking the green circle line thing once you have clicked that the green circle will turn red and be disabled and the software will no longer look for a fan/plus product on that port
  17. Did you install the riing software before you got that message. Also as for your rgb I would unplug that asap your old motherboard had non addressable 12v header your new one has a 5v addressable header. The two are not compatible. You old motherboards rgb header had a 12v, Green, Red and blue line. The new motherboard has 5v data ground. what color/s were you aiming for on the waterblocks
  18. can you post a screen shot of the Riing software after the error appears
  19. MMM looks like I got some misinformation on this board you have no usb 2.0 header. mmmm I think your only solution would be to run a micro usb from the back of the pc to the controller
  20. tomar una foto de los nuevos interruptores del controlador
  21. The 9 pin cable with the micro usbs on the end should go to your usb header how ever you only having one header on the motherboard it is most likely in use. Your best bet will be to get a internal usb hub if that is the case here are 2 that are currently on the market https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Internal-Outputs-External-PS-ACC-IU2H00R-1/dp/B07FLY6NSX https://www.amazon.com/Nzxt-Internal-Controller-Black-AC-IUSBH-M1/dp/B01IFGFTJ2 personally I have the Nzxt for my riing plus controllers as Thermaltakes hub was not out at the time.
  22. yes but is it that same fan or is it a different fan that lights up when you swap how the fans are plugged in.
  23. So when you shuffle how fans are plugged in does the same fan light up or does it change according to how you have them plugged in. What I am trying to narrow down if it is a controller issue or a fan issue.
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