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    Rave reacted to koda in [Philippines] Jesse Palacio   
    This should win because this build is so creative, it shows the out of the box creativeness and also showcases the skills of the modder. It also has that "ohmp" aspect that when you see it, you know that the parts and components used are high end and enthusiast class.
    Jesse Palacio have my bote dude, a job well done!!!
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    Rave reacted to Adrian462 in [Philippines] Jesse Palacio   
    Tank has always been a gamers eye catcher and who can ignore that gatling gun though. Jesse Palacio's build is definetly sweet!! So ill go for Jesse Palacio's awesome build.
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    Rave reacted to rrtype in [Philippines] Jesse Palacio   
    JP for president!
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    Rave reacted to SadGhost in [Philippines] Jesse Palacio   
    Keep up the good work, Good luck on this
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    Rave reacted to Icemodz in [Philippines] Jesse Palacio   
    Dam its looking good man !! keep up the great work
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    Rave reacted to mhalhuphet in [Philippines] Jesse Palacio   
    awesome sir jesse palacio ) i love this gutling tank
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    Rave reacted to Dirty South PC Mods in [Philippines] Jesse Palacio   
    Bro this is outstanding!!!!! You deserve to win.. So much heart and soul go into your creations. Go man Go. 
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    Rave reacted to JPModified in [Philippines] Jesse Palacio   
    thanks again guys. specially to Nick of Dirty South PC Mods. such an awesome friend to have.
    today, i managed to do the first loop of the build. the tubes were a little short for what i planned, so i opted to use a few 90 degree adapters. it still all came out ok pretty much. i also opted to go for a ROG motherboard as opposed to my Sabertooth X99. tghe color of the board seemed to make more sense to me.











    im going to do the GPU loop tomorrow.. and (yeah.. ive said i would many times before, lol) the front bumper.
    Stay tuned. we're close to hitting home. #finishSTRONG
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    Rave reacted to JPModified in [Philippines] Jesse Palacio   
    two reservoirs filled.. that could only mean one thing... THE LOOP IS DONE! 


    these are the last full pics of JUGGERNAUT i will be showing until i release the final photos this Saturday. until then, i will finish the final detailing of the build. yay!!


    see you soon!
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    Rave reacted to JPModified in [Philippines] Jesse Palacio   
    okay.. final, FINAL pic. lol.

    see you all in two days. 
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