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[Philippines] Jesse Palacio

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Hello All,


My name is Jesse Palacio, AKA JPModified. it is such an honor and pleasure to be invited to create a mod for this competition. the project name will be "JUGGERNAUT"


NO, it has nothing to do with the super villain of the Xmen. this will be an UNMANNED TANK build, inspired by actual military weapons, and also from my favorite shows, and games such as GI Joe, and Modern Warfare. this will be 10000% different from my usual "builds" since im only into "light" or "conventional" modding. i have never really considered myself as a modder, but a "custom builder".. BUT.. that will not mean i cannot mod. and this build, will show you folks what i can REALLY do, if i wanted to. come join me on this quick, but EPIC journey. CHEERS!!!


for now, just this:


what do you need to power an unmanned tank? nothing less than 1200w of PURE Platinum POWER!!




i am weak at software design. im more of a VISUAL type of artist. ideas come to me after some hours of staring at the case im going to work on. here is my idea on the layout of the tanks "wheels". i will be using a Tt 480 rad on each side, and two 200mm Fans.





Later today, i will be posting the gattling gun i have worked on over the weekend. =)


Thank you for coming!!

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