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  1. Perhaps attach a photo to your message - this problem is with all glass panels?
  2. ... proper air throughput is the key hence same amount of intake/sucker fans. Usually case front/bottom is intake while top/back is exhaust area depending on your configuration of course. Sucker fans (exhaust) can be 1 more but never intake fans.
  3. Hmm using this AIO myself I never heard anything from the pump and ~1800 rpm? Even under fullest stress I hardly ever see ~1000 rpm here. However, I am on a X470 mobo with 2700x CPU. Have you mounted the Rad fans being exhaust fans hence suckers not adding heat inside the case?
  4. You should use the TT bracket for TT cases - not sure it's even included with the case.
  5. you can mount those fan (packs) anywhere as long as it fits - in case of replacement just watch the airflow hence blower/sucker - there is a small arrow printed showing direction. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/fan-direction.44512/
  6. Depends on your required fan size 120/140? there are 3 packs with controller here for example: https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Circular-Pressure-Radiator-CL-F077-PL14SW/dp/B07K1VJLGZ My TT AIO Floe 360 got 3 fans (radiator) + controller
  7. just put 1 (or 2) screws - should be good nuf TT fan connectors use 1 more pin - TT wants you to buy the complete fan pack including controller
  8. Most importantly make sure wireless printer's MAC address is added to the router's firewall (permission) b4 attempting to connect or it will never succeed
  9. I am not the designer of this radiator
  10. you're free to try anything! I got the Floe Riing RGB 360 TT here
  11. Yep, use any side, but use both ports on that side, depending on where you mount the fans and shortest run to the CPU cooler
  12. The pump needs 12V for 3600rpm but is wired for 5V hence half speed for everyone to keep noise level down - as long as your CPU temperature is fine.. no issue
  13. Okay, late... What brackets? Use the AMD mobo supplied CPU backplate and there should be a satchel AM4 screws/standoffs - that's all you need! If missing contact your dealer...
  14. I never saw any auto-startup (via startup folder) working in Win10! Probably a relic from Win7 (where it did work) ..especially not when the software requires admin rights in a standard user account
  15. Apparently the admin here disabled my messenger - dunno why!
  16. Rad fan speed is ~1000 rpm max if we're talking 360 Rad (or better) hence the fan exhaust wind is pretty mild. If you're in Mediterranean climate fan speed hovers around ~700rpm (non oc'ed)
  17. Keep in mind that Rad installations (fans) are meant to be exhaust (suckers) coz it makes little sense to blow pre heated air into the case for cooling (cough).
  18. When you download the View71 manual it will show you which 2 positions can take a 420 Rad
  19. Remember always keep a copy of the old driver!
  20. Have you tried Technical Support <support@thermaltake.com.au> okay, pal, here a link removed
  21. I have 1Mb/s upload speed (ADSL2+) which would take me ~30 minutes to get that file up to Google. Perhaps someone else got a better idea? You should archive such installer files in case of a return/reset .okay it's night here.. my last post for today!
  22. Okay, then just return to the last working one..
  23. Win10? - Autostart only works from an admin account - not standard user account!
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