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  1. Hello the RED i marked in picture is where you mount the 2 120mm fan at the bottom of View 71. you gotta remove the bottom filter first to secure the fans from the bottom of the case.
  2. Here are some of my personal favorite white cases: View 51 TG snow ARGB https://www.thermaltake.com/view-51-tempered-glass-argb-snow-edition.html Divider 500 TG snow ARGB https://www.thermaltake.com/divider-500-tg-snow-argb-mid-tower-chassis.html Divider 300 TG snow ARGB https://www.thermaltake.com/divider-300-tg-snow-argb-mid-tower-chassis.html
  3. Hello Hello PM you and let's discuss this issue.
  4. Could you control the lighting via the R button? and could you please take a picture of your control board? thanks
  5. Hello There's a cutout in the bottom of the front panel. Pull it out. Carefully.
  6. Hello Hello PM u for more details.
  7. Hello Hello where you at? I could check for you. and you mentioned "the dust protection for power supply" you mean the full length power cover?
  8. Hello Hello "other ARBG inside the case" means the ARGB fans come with the case? if so, you have to choose the AIO from Thermaltake to sync with the fans.
  9. you should able to control the lighting via the R button on I/O port.
  10. Hello Hello for the ARGB case, you cannot control the lighting via TT RGB Plus software. you gotta connect the ARGB control board to your ASUS motherboard and control the lighting via ASUS AURA.
  11. Hello what kind of ARGB components do you plan to buy for you system? for the control board comes with ARGB cases, it can support up to 90 ARGB LEDs. and each of the ARGB fans that pre-install in View 51 comes with 9 LEDs. if you choose other ARGB components from Thermaltake, you gotta keep an eye on this issue. you may need to connect other control box that come with other components. Or if you plan to have all other ARGB components from other brands, you may have to remove the original ARGB fans in the case. you cannot connect the pre-install fans with others' ARGB fans or waterblocks.
  12. u gotta remove the top panel first, then pull the front panel up.
  13. Hello which motherboard do u have on hand ? and could you please take a picture of your ARGB control board? James
  14. Hello Hello this is definitely one of the right place to discuss about your build. and also, I would recommend you a Facebook page which is also a perfect place you could ask any kind of question of your buid. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Thermaltake and for View 71 ARGB, it comes with 3 ARGB fans at front and the mobo you choose can also support 5V ARGB. why don't you choose the AIO that comes with ARGB fans as well? Maybe TH360 ARGB from Thermaltake? so that you could sync all the lighting effects via the software. and there are cables for the I/O port form the case, you just need to pug them into mobo.
  15. Hello thanks for choosing the Core P3. you could definitely try to get the AIO from Thermaltake as well either 240mm or 360mm. since the tube is 400mm long for most of the AIO series which is a bit longer than the one you have on hand. thanks
  16. Hello Just curios which do you wan to clean that you have to remove the glass at front? the glass itself? the tempered glass is stuck at the front panel by a special double-side tape. I would not recommend you to remove the glass since I cannot promise you that if you could stick it back "securely" after cleaning. James
  17. Hello you gotta make sure your phone connect to the wifi in the same domain with your PC then, click the refresh. should be alright. kindly check the manual of the RGB plus below
  18. Wow, it's V2 S from 2011. if you would like to add extra fans, you could have one 120mm fan at front for air intake. and what do you want to know about the cable management?
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