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  1. At least support actually replied to you! I emailed them twice and didnt get so much as an "we have received your email and will get back to you". I think its more of a tick in a box for them rather than actually wanting to help customers. Worst experience I've had with any company in a while.
  2. Wow this obviously took you a lot of effort and time to write out, and it worked perfectly - everything is great now. Thank you so much for your help with this I'm really grateful.
  3. I'm definitely tempted to just return them this just isn't acceptable from a company to sell a product that doesnt work and then offer zero support. Possibly the worst experience I've ever had from a component manufacturer, at least other companies respond to your emails. I'm already outside of the 28 day return period however so I'll give them another week to contact me on the offchance theyve all just gone on summer holiday and didnt bother to coordinate so as to not overlap...
  4. I dont think this is right, as its working properly on 1 of my fans and it remembers the colour even after a reboot. Its just the other 3 that stop working. If I close the software from the system tray they all revert to default. Its really confusing.
  5. Tried both. It reverts to default colours when i sys tray close. Also clicking start with Windows does nothing, and even setting it manually to do so through windows it will not start. I have to click the desktop icon with every single boot. I dont think the software needs to run every time anyway. The settings are supposed to save to the fans themselves arent they? It does on one of them anyway.
  6. thanks, that got rid of them but unfortunately the problem still persists. Im running an Aorus 7 z370 and 8700k, 32gb corsair RAM on win 10. Thanks both for your replies.
  7. Bumping again in the hope it annoys someone into helping. Still waiting for literally any contact from TT.
  8. Thanks for responding its more than I've gotten from TT themselves lol. I guess I'll try sending him a message.
  9. I wouldnt hold your breath for any sort of contact from Thermaltake, I've been trying to get even acknowledgment from them for about 3 weeks now. I'm pretty close to just returning the product at this point.
  10. I'm just gonna keep bumping this for a few weeks then I guess?
  11. Does anyone actually ever respond on these forums? Or do thermaltake ever bother to get back to support requests I sent them a web note like a week ago - how does a company get away with having support this bad?!
  12. The plot thickens. Actually 1 fan is remembering what colour it's supposed to be. The other 3 are not :S
  13. As per the title, would appreciate some help as this must be a common issue but the forum search isnt giving me anything relevant. I could swear I had the riing plus fans working when I first booted the software but now if I close the programme the fans immediately revert back to default even though I hit save. Same after rebooting. Is there a way to completely clear cached profiles etc? when I reinstall it seems to remember them. Thanks!
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