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Posts posted by Teszty66

  1. 4 hours ago, Eatsrootsnleaves said:

    This looks quite interesting, the TT RGB Plus software has driven me partially insane so I'm keen to give yours a go.

    Latest update to TT RGB plus hasn't fixed the major profile bugs and quite frankly it's all over the place

    As I'm running 5 controllers and 25 devices  I might make a good test candidate.

    11 x Riing fans, 3 x Trio fans, PR22-D5 Plus pump, Pacific RGB Plus fitting set, 12 way and 8 way Strimer leads, Custom ARGB CPU, GPU and motherboard strips.

    Any suggestions on where to start, should I try the beta or go straight for the latest version?

    ####, yeah this will be a good stress test for the app. I think it would be best to try the latest version.

    Please go here and follow the instructions, I'll then help you create a config to test your devices.

    The riing fans, PR22-D5 and Pacific RGB fittings should work fine. I know that Trio will not work correctly right now because of 3 zone settings, if you can help me get the data that I need I'll implement them. Dont know about the strimmer and the strips, if they are connected to the thermaltake controllers it should work.

  2. On 1/26/2019 at 1:35 AM, View71 said:

    The real problem here is the controller is too cheap to (re)start on its own with given/memorized settings - it would cost at most $5.50 to implement such a auto restart function but apparently no way for TT to do this (let alone in a standard Win user account).

    Do they realize that the Floe 360 cost ~$269 in Australia? ... come again?

    There is no problem with the controller, its that their software is #### and they just did not code support for sleep/wake.

    There is a command they send to the controller when the application starts, all they have to do is listen for sleep/wake events and reinitialize the controller/connection. This is what I do in my app and it works just fine with sleep and hibernate.

  3. 3 hours ago, Zeonymous said:

    Holy ####, did you just save me $900? xD WHAT THE #### TT?


    Since you have an understanding about pumps, moreso than me... I just flipped "PWM" mode in the BIOS, and am letting it run for now. Hella cool temps, but is this 1,700 RPM's okay for the pump? Makes me wonder in the 2 months I've had this build if the pump was getting burned out from all the stop/starting.

    Any insight would be colossal.

    Thx, always appreciated.

    LOL, well the pumps might be different but mine runs at 3000RPM on average load. And I think about 1500-1800 on idle.

    Also mine is setup differently, I have a dedicated pump port on my motherboard and Ive set the PWM curve to be always 100%, so it always gets full voltage, and then the RPM is controlled by the software/the pump itself based on temperature.

    Maybe it was not getting enough voltage on your previous BIOS settings and it was starting and stopping.

  4. 3 hours ago, Zeonymous said:

    Looks like the same thing is going on. Something I wouldn't even be able to call TT about, because they'd be better off if my $900 CPU got fried..

    I'm going to have to switch to a closed loop, or something if it's NOT supposed to be acting like this..

    If you look at the software, it seems like the program has no control over the pump, at all. 

    Well, I dont know then.

    IMO it should not be doing that. Maybe the pump provides the wrong RPM values, or maybe HWMonitor is reading it wrong, or maybe the motherboard is providing the wrong value. There is a lot of stuff that could be wrong but it seems its just a problem with the values, if you dont feel the pump stopping and starting then the pump is fine.

    But for example my AIO spins the pump up and down depending on the load. If yours does not do that, your motherboard might not be controlling the pump correctly, or its by design and the pump always runs at static RPM. But that would be #### design from TT. You could read on how to connect AIO pump to your motherboard and how to setup PWM speed control in BIOS.

  5. 9 hours ago, Zeonymous said:

    I could try the black route, but it plays the whole spectrum as if it were a fan, so at the 6th LED it stops the 'flow' per-say, and the next 6 colors come out at the first. It's not that big of an issue

    That might just be the way the controller is programmed, since you cant pass to the controller how many leds a device has, so I think it also assumes 12 leds per device. Thats why I said to try with the full black, maybe it detects the black as limit for leds.


    9 hours ago, Zeonymous said:

    No changes. I would save at 0/20%, 50%, and 100%, and it seemingly ignores it. Acting the same every time. I don't know where the RPM setting in the GUI would be, but this is how it read. Note; The RPM goes to 0 for like 8 seconds, and spins up to 737, then back down to 0. I would assume this is working correctly given my PC is still running, so.. There's that. I'm terrible with tech on the meticulous level, so these are my findings. I'm open to any and all criticism.

    Hmm that sounds like it does not set the speed then. Unfortunately the old app only sets the speed by percent.

    The RPM going to 0 and back might be a conflict with another software, at least this is what was happening to RPM of my fans when I had the service and the official app running, they were both writing to the controller and it was freaking out. If the fans also see this behavior check if the official software is running. Aida64 added support for TT fans some time ago and it also causes this issue.

    9 hours ago, Zeonymous said:

    This shows RPM for the CPU fan, but that is connected to the Motherboard, so the pump itself could be controlled outside of the app. This is my understanding, anyway. Correct me if wrong. I'm pretty sure the controller ONLY sees the RGB, and as they share the same connector, it was important when setting up to NOT put the LED into the CPU connector, as to not fry it. They're clearly labeled, but it's worth noting. 

    Ooh I see, so the pump is also connected to the PWM of the motherboard. I guess that means you can only configure rgb on the AIO and the pump is controlled by the motherboard speed controller. But that does not explain why it goes to 0 RPM. Does it also happen when you stop the service? Maybe you can control the speed but the TT controller and the motherboard controller are interfering with each other.


    10 hours ago, Zeonymous said:

    It has the GUI, but if you're working on a GUI for what you've mentioned I'll be checking back here regularly to see if that comes in.

    Dont know if I will be making a GUI for the new one since its a lot more complex. And you should check github if you want updates about the new version, I wont be posting about it here.


    2 hours ago, Jorgan said:

    Any chance in #### this software will work with the pure plus fans?

    Yes they should work fine. Although they have 9 leds and the software assumes 12 leds so some rgb modes might behave weird.

  6. @Zeonymous

    Wow yea antivirus be like that sometimes. Glad you figured it out.

    Im also using PIN and never had to disable it, so I dont know whats up with that, probably also the av. You could try changing the install to custom user/LocalService depending on which one you use now.

    And about the AIO, if I understand correctly you are saying that the AIO has 6 leds but the fans have 12, so the rgb modes are not displaying correctly, right? Yes, that is the limitation of the old version of the software, because when I was writing it I thought only fans would be supported. Now I know that all TT RGB Plus devices use the same commands to control the speed/rgb, so while the rgb will work on all devices, it thinks all of them have 12 leds. Although I think you could try setting the last 6 led colors to full black (RGB 0,0,0), maybe this will trick the controller.

    Also please note that I have not tested any pumps, so I dont know if the command that is sent to the controller is the correct one. Try setting the speed to manual and changing it from 20% to 100% and see if it makes a difference in sound/vibration etc.

    There are 2 commands, one sets speed by percent and one that sets speed by RPM. The pumps might use the second one.


    The new version on github allows you to specify how many leds are on each connected device, and a lot more features. But it might be hard to configure right now because it does not have GUI.

  7. 3 hours ago, guy.of.power@gmail.com said:

    I built ttcontroller service and installed it but I cant find where is RiingPlus.Gui.exe.

    Where is it?


    They new one has no gui yet. I dont know if I will make one because I added a lot of features that will make gui very complex. But I will see.

    You can download the old one in the first post. It works fine and has gui, but the code got a little messy from features some people requested.

  8. 37 minutes ago, Ghosty031 said:

    Pretty exciting :)

    Just wanted to say i now cant see any of my fans on the program 1.6v from a cold startup. Interesting as nothing has changed. I restarted the service and suddenly it can see them and from there i re applied the groups. Probably doesnt matter much as you are writing a whole new program haha.

    I wonder if a full power cycle, ie completely dissconnecting the PC from power overnight has an affect on the control box in some way?

    Yea try v1.7, it has no port detection that seems wonky on some setups. I will try disconnecting my pc from power and see if this will reproduce the issue.

    The new app also has no port detection, you configure each port manually by setting its name/led count/led rotation/led reverse and other stuff.

    Also at first the service will have no gui, only json file config.

  9. 5 hours ago, kewlmunky said:

    I always wondered if it was possible to change the direction of the effects and if one could change the number assigned to each LED. I know that it is simple to figure out the correct orientation of each fan, but if someone accidentally (or even due to needing the cables placed differently) installed a fan(s) misaligned, it would be nice to be able to correct it in the software and not have to physically move the fan(s).

    Yup, totally doable but requires manually setting the leds from software, there is no support for it in the firmware so you just cant change the currently available effects. Unless of course they update the firmware.

    Once I rewrite the app you will be able to do anything you want with custom effects. Im actually thinking about abandoning future updates to the current version and just start writing the new one. The hacks are getting ridiculous.

  10. 15 hours ago, visualarts said:

    I had the same thing (when the system starts, it does not detect all fans). It helped me increase the speed of the fans to 25%-30% in the boot profile. The controller probably does not understand 20% of the speed, so it does not detect them correctly. The topic described in a private message is why I am quoting it here. I've been using it for a few weeks and it's ok ...

    Yea, but the thing is before v1.7 the service was detecting the fans by its RPM so it shouldn't matter if your fans were at 20% or 30%. I guess it might not return correct values if its 20%? But that seems weird.

    In v1.7 I removed the empty port check and just added all ports no matter what, and they still have some fans missing. And there is literally no reason they should be missing.

    15 hours ago, visualarts said:

    ... but there is a problem with the shutdown profile. This does not work when shutting down or rebooting the system. why? as if the service did not turn off

    It seems that testing software only on one PC is a bad idea lol. It works just fine on my PC when shutting down, going to sleep or hibernating.

    You can try going services.msc and stopping the service manually. It should switch to shutdown mode.


    I think I should add heavy logging to help debug all of these problems people are having. It must be just hardware differences.

    15 hours ago, visualarts said:

    P.S. Is it possible to create profiles? so that you can start the right sets with one click. No need to check the fans again? Now the situation looks like that if I have two profiles naromal and in one of them I have 5 fans, after switching to the second profile, unfortunately I have to select all fans again and save to activate this second profile. See photo ...

    Hmm, yea good idea, Ill see what can be done.

  11. 9 hours ago, ZOOTS said:

    Just restarted the computer. I had to manually stop the service and restart it in order to see all my fans. Like I said, it's no big deal since it take 30sec to do so and everything works fine until I restart. I won't bother you with this any more.


    8 hours ago, kewlmunky said:

    You could setup a scheduled task to restart the service every time you boot and/or login. Then you wouldn't have to do it yourself :) 


    Nah, this has to be fixed. But im running out of ideas as ty why it does not show all the fans. Clearly it was not a problem with empty port detection. It might be because of the LocalService, maybe it starts earlier than user service and that causes issues?

  12. 20 hours ago, cscolley said:

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for making this software. I was having issues even getting the OEM software to even run, and TT support may as well be non-existant. You saved me a lot of headache. 

    Thanks! If you need help with something feel free to post here.

    19 hours ago, Ghosty031 said:

    Ive installed as Local service. I also dont run AIDA64 and i do not have the OE software installed at all.
    Could just be my system being weird on occasion for no reason haha. Its only ever done it once and im still on v1.6. Im gonna stay on this version and see how it goes in the long run. At least until you add other RGB modes (if you decide to). :)

    Ok, if this happens more, please try to reinstall the service as custom user. Maybe that is the issue because I have mine running as custom user. If that doesnt help I guess its just the controller firmware is as bad as their windows app.

    As for other rgb modes, currently I do not plan to add them to this version of the software, they will be in the rewrite if I decide to do it. The reason is that the currently supported modes are in the controller firmware, meaning I just send it a command to set specific fan to a specific mode only when you click the save button or when the service loads. Any other mode that is in the official app is done by constantly manually setting the leds. That would mean a big rewrite of the app to change from updating the rgb mode "one time" vs "realtime".

    17 hours ago, ZOOTS said:

    Update: Just tested 1.7, it now shows all port all the time which I think is normal considering this is what you did and I can also sync with the AIO pump now. :)

    Nice, im glad its working.

    BTW, if you still have v1.6 and you run as LocalService, do you mind testing if installing as custom user will still sometimes not show all fans?

  13. @Ghosty031@ZOOTS

    I do not understand why it would do that... I never had that happen.

    Do you guys install the service as LocalService or custom user? I assume you are sure you are not also running the official software? Also the recent updates to Aida64 added riing fan support and it breaks the service. The delayed start could help but it delays for 2 minutes, so thats no good.

    I guess I'll just disable the empty port check. It will show all ports all the time, kinda like official software, this should also enable rgb support for aio pump.


    edit: Added v1.7

  14. 7 hours ago, ZOOTS said:

    Hi there,

    Just registered to thank you for this. I was having A LOT of problems with the TT RGB software (it would even freeze my system some times).

    Quick question; I'mable to set the fan curve under pwm, everything is fine. My question is; Is there a way to see pump/AIO ? I'm using the Thermaltake Floe Riing 360 version and I have a total of 2 controllers (7 fans total). They all show up in your software except the pump itself. Temp seems fine but I just cant sync the RGB mode with the other fans.

    Let me know :)

    I dont have the pump to test but I'll try to make this work. Can you run the attached app and PM me the output? But make sure you stop the service first. I think what is happening is that the pump does not report its speed/rpm so the service thinks the port is not used. The solution will be to add config to disable this check for selected ports.



  15. 15 hours ago, Ghosty031 said:

    Tried. The program wont run. Getting Visual C++ dll missing errors. I have 2017 x86 and x64 installed so im not sure whats going on haha.

    Duh, sorry I compiled with debug config, so you would need debug version of vc++ redist.

    I recompiled as release, please try again. Thanks.


  16. On 12/12/2018 at 9:24 AM, Ghosty031 said:

    Another question. Can you give more details on what the Boot mode is?

    From how i understand it, it's so you can set, for lack of a better word, a "Default" fan and light mode for when the computer first starts/wakes outside of the OS, and then from there the Riingplus service takes over?

    Yea, its basically the default speed (only static %) and rgb mode the fans will run with without any controlling software. It is saved to the controller box.

    On 12/12/2018 at 9:24 AM, Ghosty031 said:

    So to set this up correctly you have to make, in my example, 2 extra profiles (4 in total), 2 for boot and 2 for normal. I need to save the boot mode profiles (which will also immediately change the fans into boot mode) and then click save again on the normal profiles (puts them back into normal mode) and i should be done?

    Well, depends on your setup, but you could just have one BOOT profile with all fans in it. It will switch each fan to the assigned NORMAL mode when the service starts.

    You shouldn't have to save BOOT then save NORMAL. When you are saving BOOT profiles the service sets that profile for a brief moment then notifies the controller box to save that settings internally. Once its saved it will revert to the NORMAL profile for each fan if available. If it doesn't do that, it means there is a bug.


    BTW I noticed that you controller version is displayed incorrectly. Do you mind running the attached program? It will dump some data about the controller and what stuff it returns. Make sure the service is not running first, then PM me the output. Thanks.


  17. 3 hours ago, Ghosty031 said:

    One more thing, the pwm fan control, i cant seem to make my fans turn totally off up until a certain temperature. I can if turn them off in speed mode and then re enable pwm. But not from startup/sleep wakeup etc. They will just spin at 20% and speed up and slow right down and then repeat.

    Yea, there was a bug when setting the fan to 0% speed, thanks. Try v1.6.

    BTW there is no in between speeds from 0% to 20%, so you can either have the fan at 0% or at 20%.

    Looking at your PWM graph, the most left and right points are not necessary, they are automatically included, and you can remove/add points by double clicking. So it could be done with just 2 points.


    I would want to inform you that you need to be careful when setting the curve with 0% speed. If you set it wrong your fan will constantly spin up and down (fan on -> low temperature -> fan off -> high temperature -> fan on -> ...), that might heavily lower the lifespan.

  18. 21 hours ago, Ghosty031 said:

    The only feature i would add to it would be brightness control :)

    There is brightness control.

    You can set it using the third slider, using the "B" input box, using the hex input box (for example #808080 is white with 50% brightness) or by using the saturation/brightness box (Y axis is brightness).

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