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  1. If you are running the tt rgb software for the lights or anything else if u have an rgb mouse, and you don't install the mouse software it should show up in tt rgb and sync with the lights. If not rgb mouse then try using revo uninstaller on the mouse then reboot. Then use cc cleaner to clean registry then try re installing see if that helps !!
  2. So the iris optical gaming mouse has had many issues and still does, The firmware update done last went to version and now doesn't work at all. Total garbage just tells you to re install the firmware update over and over again which is But the software works fine though what the #### ??? This is what were all buying huh pc hardware with no support that's how I feel. And Its pretty bad when the mouse stops working totally and then u cant even use your computer at all? after upgrading the firmware then it just tells you to do it over and over jesus fix this messed up ####!!!!!
  3. I have found the best solution is a pc with wifi ac and a nzxt motherboard 2.0 expansion hub lastest firmware and plug rgb fan hub into that and not the motherboard fixed all of my problems with app and pc software also download the latest software from thermaltake.
  4. yes your computer needs to be on wifi to work with the fans from what Ive seen and I have noticed that the nzxt internal usb hub works well with these over the motherboard! and all u need is the rgb ring plus app on the phone also. that's it
  5. I bought the iris gaming mouse, linked it to the command center pro software opened up my ring plus fan software. Noticed the mouse is there under the rgb tab to link to the fans but.... ? when I turn on the mouse to connect it. It doesn't connect with the fans only my IRGB psu does and my keyboard the mx 5 silver but not the iris optical mouse which is suppost to be rgb controlled and linkable to the rgb fan software ?
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