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  1. Dear all i bough a 1200w toughpower grand rgb back in 2016 and it recently started making some grinding electric noise , like « clic clic clic » i find the psu is slowly dying out. i bought a replacement toughpower 850w and try to replace the 1200w with this new one but when I pluged the new one into my computer nothing happened …. The fan of the new psu , even without the pc connected to it is not even running , looks like this new psu is completely dead . is there a teick somewhere or am I missing something obvious here ??? thanks K
  2. yes this is exactly was I though ! thanks for your answer !!
  3. Dear All , I am about to finish building my new loop and I do have a (stupid?) question . The case I am using is a thermaltake core p5 , the distro place which is a Bykski RGV-TT-P5 https://www.bykski.us/products/byksk...7c1a8403&_ss=r and the the pump will be built via a ddc B-PMD3 https://www.bykski.us/products/byksk...9a869f93&_ss=r Now I dont understand flow direction of this distro plate ! Which port on the distro plate will be inlet and which one will be outlet ? Could you confirm back to me the flow dirction is like in my drawing attached here ? The liquid will exit the distro plate via port 1 and then come back via port 2 ? Or is it the way around ??? https://www.casimages.com/i/210109061139833260.jpg.html thanks !
  4. Nice build ! On my side I have decided to go the corsair p1000d way + the EKWB distro I mention earlier ....... I will come back to Thermaltakefor the next one !
  5. On the Corsair obsidian 1000d there is a specific sexy distro made by EKWB https://www.ekwb.com/news/a-reflection-of-1000d-super-tower-with-a-super-distro-plate/ Not cheap but I like the minimalist combinaison of both so I might go this way for my next build .... let me know what you think ! thanks K
  6. ok I see but this case will take much much more space versus the P5 .... I am also looking at the Corsair Obsidian 1000D to be honest ............... or the thermaltake P8 thanks K.
  7. HELLO Thanks for your answer , the link does work .... https://pcpartpicker.com/b/FQNQzy Do you have a picture of the "wing" you ae talking about ? I am notsure to understandwhat you mean here .. For me I think the ideal situation will be to be able to fit both a Pacific Core P5 DP-D5 Plus Distro-Plate with Pump Combo & Pacific DP100-D5 Plus Distro-Plate with Pump Combo on the case , one circuit for the GPU and the other one for the future SLI of 3080ti But I can not find the right way to do this thanks
  8. Dear All , I have the following current build that can find here https://pcpartpicker.com/b/FQNQzy . I would like to update this build and add an additional pump + reservoir in order to separate my CPU and my GPU cooling . I like the Pacific DP100-D5 Plus and the DP100-D5 Plus Distro-Plate both with Pump Combo , but , I dont think I can moe than one reservoir + pump on this chassis . I tried to have a look on the web and could not find any example of such a build . Does someone knows if it is possible and how ? thanks K. Pacific DP100-D5 Plus Manual
  9. Hi Mike In fact everything I was able to plug to two different tt synch controller died or was "burn" by the controller . I have rma everything except the pump but as it is , the led of the pump is doing exactly like the fans led were doing before , I have a static red color , no answering any command from the controller . In a nutshell I have the controller sitting at the back of the machine for nothing , except powering up the led of the pump . Hence the question , can I remove the controller and if I do so can I power up the led in any other way . I hope this is clear enough for you .. thanks D
  10. Dear All I would like to avoid plugging my P5 pump into the controller usb that comes along with it . Is there a way to directly plug the resevoir cable into the pc power supply and if yes with which cable ? thanks k
  11. hello, In fact there are 16 thumb screw in total , but I initially used 4 of them to fix the posts on the chassis instead of the blac screws that comes along with the chassis itself ... problem solved :) thanks
  12. Dear All, Looking at the picute on the TT website it llok like we need 16 screw total to fix the glass to the chassis In my glass edition box I have only 12 screw .... How am I supposed to fisnh this build then ? thanks
  13. here is the update on my side : - received new tt sync controller today + new ring plus fan kit - PLug the ring fan plus with included controller on a first PC ------------------ > All working fine - PLug the ring fan plus with included controller on the target PC ------------------ > All working fine - Then PLug the ring fan plus with tt sync controller on the target PC ------------------ > Not only it is NOT workin but the fan led are getting out of usage without any possibility of getting the led back to normal on the FANS !!!!!!! So I am doing a whole RMA of all this hardware , I lost too much time on this and I will replug the cooler master pro solution which is working out the shelf without any issue . thanks
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