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  1. Hello, Yes it supports ATX size, I own one and my motherboard is an ATX one. Best Regards,
  2. Hello, as what the title mentioned, different versions of TT RGB Plus comes out but without knowing what changed, is there a place to see what changed from one version to another?
  3. What about AOL email? is this a bot or an attempt to press a link and someone gets in trouble?
  4. Hey man thanks a lot, I will try to sit and learn how to use the github version and if I reach a point where I am stuck I'll report through github. I have 12 fans in my case I want to test turning some of them to zero rpm and keeping the rgb and test thermals of GPU and CPU in different scenarios. Does the github version require me to redo the settings with each restart?
  5. You're lucky that you can get a refund for some of them, If I can I would get rid of all the thermaltake fans "I have 12 in my chassis" and go for any cheap Chinese brand > make up any issue > get support > send a screenshot to thermaltake to show them how trashy none existent their support is ^^ But in reality I would go for a respectable brand that has a department for customer service ^^
  6. Dude his reply was a link to the product website which was not related to my question at all. Its one of 2 things: 1. Either thermaltake only cares about selling and doesn't give a rat's ●●● about the after sale service. 2. It's the customer service department issue that they are eating donuts and dont want to be bothered by peasants such as customers.
  7. This post is meant for Thermaltake's "hidden" support team who we can not see (excluding mike who just copy > paste stuff...maybe it's a bot?). So: 1. Do I regret buying a thermaltake case...nope I love the quality of the cases. 2. Do I regret buying fans from thermaltake...I am definitely not buying any more gadgets whatsoever from thermaltake. 3. Have I sent emails? yes, did I get replies? lol I'll leave that to your imagination ^^. 4. Where do you get support if you have issues? the community which if it wasn't there these forums would be empty. 5. An example of support/mods are in Hawaii the mass amount of weird ads in different languages that are not related to thermaltake by anything...some of them are about fixing fridges and stuff lol. 6. Would I recommend anyone to buy case fans or rads from thermaltake? absolutely not lol unless I hate them ^^. 7. Would I recommend other gadget brands to others? DEFINITELY an "unknown" company with half the quality and 1/3 the price would do better as a lot of them are spot on support wise on amazon + newegg.
  8. Can the GitHub version keep the settings even after restart in a sense that it won't return to the controller default? I am not good actually with what I saw on github as I want to have 2 profiles for my 12 fans inside the case...8 will follow 1 profile and the other 4 will follow another. So far I am using version 1.7 every time my pc loads up which a lot but it serves me better than what the official software does...only if the official software had zero speed function but of course thermaltake support doesn't listen or exist..
  9. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, if i may ask for some reason when I restart my pc the fans would get mixed settings, rgb lights go back to default and those that I set to zero start to spin and random stuff, I uninstalled the official software btw. Thanks <3
  10. Hey, so I was able to stop the fans I wanted to stop at zero and keep the rgb on which is great, but I noticed something else, 4 ports each one with a single fan all of them read the same temperature but the fan speed percentage is different? like one of them would go at 70% and another goes at 50% and another goes 66% although they're on the same profile, might there be something wrong that I am doing? After a restart things got fixed and all is working good, will test for a couple of days. ^^ BTW Thanks a lot of your great work, hope you would continue with the gui version it makes people lives easier, unlike the crappy thermaltake support which does not exist "they're making sure their publicity gets ruined everyday". If you ever decide to go on with the gui version I guess everyone would hope for more rgb options <3 I am using version 1.7. Thanks for making our life easier ^^
  11. To confirm before trying to use the version 1.7 I went to the task manager and turned off the official software from there, or do i need to uninstall the official thermaltake software?
  12. I will try again today, tried to set 2 fans to zero rpm with off but didnt work. Will double check my steps today.
  13. Question, can this alternative set the fan speed to zero? so only RGB lights will work? I have a few fans in my case and I want to test setting 2 of them to zero to test the airflow and I don't want to go through the hassle of disconnecting/connecting and reworking cable management... i tried the PWM but no matter what setting I do it's stuck on 20% from the Manual option and doesn't go lower. Hope someone can try and let me know
  14. Hmmm even sent to thermaltake support but no reply... Hope users can reply. The build quality of thermaltake cases are good but their support lives to its reputation..as non existent..
  15. Up up hope to see some feedback if possible or thermaltake employees at least
  16. Hey, thanks for replying, I tested as well and the least was it'll go for 500ish rpm, hope thermaltake will update their software to be able to have that option.
  17. Hello, is it possible to set the Riing Plus fans to not spin and just do the RGB lights? I have x12 fans in my case I want to try different combos for example stop some in-take fans to see thermal performance and stop some of the exhaust fans, without unplugging and re-plugging.
  18. After the last update for some reason the software sets all the fans on "Wave" when you start it although it'll use the profile set from the previously saved ones, anyone knows where I can download a previous version or if a thermaltake representative can reply without using a "copy paste" reply?
  19. Hello, I own a Level 20 XT case which I decided to use air cooling for instead of liquid cooling, challenges were cable management for the many fans I put into it. I would like to hear opinions for the in-take out-push fan option suggestions, as I might be using the design that would fit a normal full/mid tower which might not be optimal for this case. Currently I am using: - x8 120mm fans on the top to push air out. - x2 200mm fans on the front for in-take. - x2 120mm fans bottom for in-take. - x2 140 mm fans at the back to push air out. I think with this design the GPU and CPU aren't getting enough air as most of the incoming air might get sucked by the top x8 fans before it can give enough cooling for the CPU + GPU. Hope to hear some thoughts soon ^^
  20. Vinasis

    Level 20 XT

    Hello Tack, how is it going man. So an update about my level 20 xt, I love it since I have a large noctua cooler push pull configuration and an rtx 2080 ti gaming x trio "huge card" which look like babies in this case. But since you're an owner I have a question for you, I am worried about dust building faster in the case from the sides, have you had this problem? And for the front 200mm fans I think they are not able to get enough air in since they are between the chassis and the glass, I am thinking of putting them from the inside of the case think this might help? Cable management was tough but I managed to organize the hdd cages in a way that they lock the cables over the gpu so it looks clean now ^^. One thing I wish I was able to find is a way to put a psu shroud to easily cover the cables from both sides...that would make it more amazing. Hope to hear your thoughts and once I get back home I'll post some pictures of my build so it can be of help to others planning to go crazy air cooling like me in this case ^^
  21. Hello, The question is as the title says, can the 9 fan controller be daisy chained? I have 12 fans in my case and I am using currently 3 of the 5 fan controller units, I got 2 of the 9 fan controller units and I tried but couldn't get it to daisy chain...was a lot of work wasted... My motherboard is the gigabyte x399 designare EX, can connect one controller only to work with the mobo software.
  22. Vinasis

    Level 20 XT

    Bought the case the ring plus tt premium fans, just a question the 200mm fans fit between the tempered glass and the case or do I have to install it behind the chassis? Because if it doesn't fit between the glass and the case that would suck
  23. Vinasis

    Level 20 XT

    Hmm so a set of fans that has the 120mm, 140mm and 200mm only available option is Thermaltake Riing Plus TT Premium Edition which will set me back if i go for the front x2 200mm fans, back x2 140mm fans and top x8 120mm fans about 460 USD.. And the other option that I had hoped it might work was the Enermax T.B RGB 120mm fans which would set me back 305 USD but will get me x23 120mm fans... Please let me know if you have other options in mind, I do apologize for asking many questions but not many people I know own that premium case, just wish and hope thermaltake support was existent which is actually affecting my decision to buy their fans...
  24. Vinasis

    Level 20 XT

    Do you think if I use x3 120mm fans at the front it'll do good in-take? Thermaltake fans are very expensive and if I want to get the fan selection I want it'll cost about double the price of the case, while I found another brand and I like their rgb fans but sadly they only do 120mm. So itll be as: 1. Front x3 120mm in-take. 2. Top x8 120mm push out. 3. Bottom x2 120mm in-take. 4. Back x2 120mm push out. Might put even x4 120mm in-take on each side since the other brand is cheaper and looks cool in my opinion. So do you think I can get good air flow for the case if I follow point 1 to 4? Sorry for the ma y questions but I am not an expert on fans but I am good with cpus and other stuff.
  25. Vinasis

    Level 20 XT

    Hey there Tack, just wanted to thank you for all the information, sadly wasn't able to do so yesterday because "I reached the maximum number of posts per day" set by thermaltake. But to be honest something here is alarming, the post I made had no similarity on the net, most people buy this case and go liquid cooling, and I sent an email to thermaltake via their website form and no reply, posted on their forum and an employee of theirs just replies with the obvious specs that are available on the website of the product, and did not answer the specific question I had. The lack of support is really alarming, even if i buy the case I was thinking to pair it with the expensive riing plus fans...but even on amazon and newegg people were complaining of non existent customer support... Thanks again man.
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