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  1. Want to say one thing I have being watching this competition from the start and I have noticed some comments that don’t have anything to do with what this competition is all about. Criticism is normal but not when it reaches the level of insulting . Every modder is unique in what he does that’s why we must respect their work because we are not the ones doing the work, we just vote for their work . I see some people attacking other participants for their work because they don’t like the fact how well they are doing, and they have also commented that they should get disqualified . You should look at guidelines carefully and read them then judge if they are not following them. As for disqualification there are modders who posted their work after the deadline which shouldn’t be allowed. So should they get disqualified ? Get your facts together read the guidelines and remember this is an event to have fun and admire the work from these modders. Show some respect as they are professionals, we must also.be when we comment and vote. Goodluck to all
  2. kfilop

    view 91

    howmany 5.25 bays can it fit front
  3. kfilop

    view 91 rgb case

    cant thermaltake give a reply for a expensive case if fits optical drives and howmany
  4. does anyone know howmany front bays can fit need 3 5.25
  5. kfilop

    view 91 rgb case

    no reply does anyone no the answer manual explains nothing
  6. I Want to purchase the view 91 but I need to connect 3 5.25 bays front case is there space to put them one is for optical drive and the other two for water tank reservoir
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