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  1. Hello All, Here is a link to a $10,000 USD PC BUILD contest for the whole world, https://builds.gg/contests/the-builds-gg-10k-challenge-2
  2. @henie4 I have NOT seen that 1 2 3 option above "Light Mode" in VER. 1.2.61 , F 2.0.3, you may need to uninstall TT RGB PLUS and reinstall the latest Ver. You will have to turn "OFF" any unused ports on the controller.
  3. Are you getting the "Rotary 90" or the plain 90. 1. The TT Rotary 90 degree you just install to the WC Block and turn to your desired position. or 2. The fixed plain 90 degree is pure luck as to where the threading starts and LIMITS you to a set angle.
  4. I have TT Tower 900, love this case, as for your question, I don't think you can use 1 port to control 4 fans, i did a very close setup as to what you are trying to do, I would just get the extra contoller and use 2x controller (in push) use "profile" 1 on those controllers, then 2x controllers (in pull) use "profile" 2 on those controllers just make sure to connect both top fans in PULL to port 1 on 1 & 2 controller and both second to top fans in port 2 on 1&2 controller so would look like this controller 1: port #1 Top LEFT outside 2nd LEFT outside (PORT#2) and so on controller 2: port #1 Top Right outside 2nd RIGHT outside (PORT#2) and so on controller 3: port #1 Top LEFT Inside 2nd LEFT inside (PORT#2) and so on controller 4: port #1 Top RIGHT inside 2nd RIGHT inside (PORT#2) and so on This way controller 1 &2 are your PULL fans and controller 3&4 are your PUSH fans and you would NOT need the fan controller and can use the " TT RGB Software" if you use the Riing Fans ...... normal FANS will require a Fan Controller
  5. Talk to TT and was given the solution, each controller must run its own PROFILE, not sure what they are going to do with people who have 5 or more controllers as there is only 5 profiles to use. But i must give them a thumbs up for the solution now.
  6. The need the Molex connected for power!!
  7. HeatKiller CPU blocks are still rank#1 (not much for bling, but best for cooling) but you will have to build a complete loop, CPU block, res., pump or (combo pump and res) tubing (soft or hard) is up to you.
  8. Have you checked in the TT RGB Plus software that your fans are working at desired RPM.
  9. Did you try setting the first controll dips toall "off" down position, then controller 2 dips 1 up 234 down and controller 3 to dip 2up 134 down
  10. I just purchased 12x Riing Plus "TT Premium Edition" (10 Fans) and the "NEW" Pacific RGB Plus Fitting 16.5m color (18 fittings) after the install and setup, the PC build turned on and works, downloaded the TT RGB Plus software ver.1.2.61 and the issue that is happening is as follows: 4x Controllers 1. When you choose a device and choose (color, light mode, light speed) it changes it across all "ports" aka each controller has 5 ports when you choose controller 1 port 3 and pick red then click save it changes all port 3's on all 4x controllers.
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