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  1. Yeah it fits in t here just fine. Enough length to fit in properly, not too close to the motherboard height wise and length wise fits in properly too. Have the extra cords ziptied and tucked under my CD drive as best as I can. http://puu.sh/cmhy7/dfc97550e0.png http://puu.sh/cmhKg/9758c4f972.png Unfortunately I do not know the dimensions of the regular power supply as I seem to have lost my tape measurer, nor do I have a ruler. xD But i'll post back and probably edit my OP with this information and the dimensions of the original power supply.
  2. I didn't think there was much of a problem at all, I just wanted to double check since I like to be thurough. I already ordere'd the PSU and it will be here Wed. I'll post back with how it fits and such.
  3. So I wanna upgrade my GPU but inorder for me to do that I need a new PSU. I've heard alot of good about Thermaltake and I did some lookign around. So does anyone know any of Thermaltake PSU that will fit a Dell XPS 8500 case. The PSU that came with it is: 6.00" X 3.25" X 5.5"(WxHxD). I still need 100% confirmation on that as i've only found it on one site. Anyway, im looking for one that will fit the XPS 8500 Case. I THINK i've found one but I need some confirmation. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817153174 That's the one i've found. If anyone else has any other suggestions please feel free to add them in. I am looking for a 750w PSU. I know all of that is not NEEDED but i'd like it for future use. Thanks, much appreciated.
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