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    Timpelay reacted to H5H in [Sweden] Tim Malmborg   
    the pipes + led light makes cool color gradations, the mountain scene looks amazing. very creative.
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    Timpelay reacted to iMan347 in [Sweden] Tim Malmborg   
    wow i love this design great work! congratz!
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    Timpelay reacted to Erik Bmods in [Sweden] Tim Malmborg   
    Lovely build man. Congratz!
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    Timpelay reacted to ramdom in [Sweden] Tim Malmborg   
    nice bro
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    Timpelay reacted to ZenModz in [Sweden] Tim Malmborg   
    Nice work.   Congrats.
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    Timpelay got a reaction from ZenModz in [Sweden] Tim Malmborg   
    My ambition with this project has been to try somethings that’s not been done before. The Thermaltake P5 is the perfect case for this mission as it’s extremely popular and been previously modded beyond recognition by other modders all over the world.
    Two key points were set up before the start of this project.
    •    The P5´s original character should be kept. For me, this means doing a casemod were you easily can recognise the original case in the finished mod.
    •    Transforming this case without doing what someone else already have done with it. This meant scanning as many P5 (and similar TT cases) builds as possible before I began my project.
    The backside straw-art is made from three layers of acrylic. Bottom one acts as separator between light zones and also holds the LED-strips in place for each zone. Middle layer is the diffuse light screen for even light distribution to the pipes. It also acts as the sky with the back painted top section. Top layer holds all ~400 pipes in place creating this magnificent mountain view. As everything is built using TT RGB products ther's possibility to sync and controll by voice through TT RGB Plus - sync all.
    The front is built to be as slim and clean as possible with laser cut acrylic covers for the entire chassi. Things as CPU-block, pump, fan grille and PSU-shroud are personalized with thin mirror-acrylic.
    Not that you can't notice, but the entire case is turned to stand on one edge using a 3D-printed stand with a built in turning plate for rotation 360-degrees. Choose side each day!

    - TT Core P5 TG V2
    - TT Toughpower PF1 ARGB 1200 watt, Platinum
    - Asrock x570 Steel Legend
    - AMD Ryzen 5 3400G
    - Plextor 256gb M9PE NVMe
    - Zotac RTX 2080
    - 32gb TT Toughram RGB

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    Timpelay got a reaction from hotcoolman in [Sweden] Tim Malmborg   
    Okey game on! I need to cut 400 pieces of pipe hehe..

    I may be mad, but this will look epic when finished!

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