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  1. I Just want to thank you for this post. I updated the bios and it did indeed fix the issue. You don't understand the frustration that this caused. Thanks again
  2. I've even tried to contact their support and no response, and that was weeks ago. I'm really disappointed in thermaltake.
  3. I'm going to have to replace the fans to get everything to work which sucks because I really like the 200mm fans and am super annoyed because they were one of the main reasons I bought this case.
  4. Well at least I know someone is having the exact same problem I am having, I however having gotten it to work at all
  5. Weird because my motherboard is on the compatible list. Do you know if there is another controller that are compatible with these fans and our motherboards?
  6. Tried and no change. It is very frustrating.
  7. Here is what I posted in the thermaltake group on facebook. Just built a new rig with Thermaltake commander C36 case. Has the 2 200mm ARGB fans and says it is compatible with asus aura. I have an Asus TUF x570 MB. The fans work and go through the presets using the button just fine but when I hold the button down to be able to control and sync them with asus aura only one led is lit. I have the case led board plugged into the ARGB header with the cable provided. If anyone has any insight on this let me know. 20190928_120121.mp4
  8. I am having the same problem with my Thermaltake Commander C36, basic colors with case button works fine but when trying to control it by the mb/software only one led lights up.
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