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  1. A few pics with the lights on a couple different ways. Been trying to get away from the default rainbow swirl effect and settle on something more tasteful lately. PS: Sorry for the reflections from the room in the pics.
  2. Hi, Since I used a View 91 building this rig and I did some customization on the case to get what I want out of it, I thought I'd share a few pics. I'm not looking for any followers, awards or "corporate sponsorsheeip" here -- this isn't a 100% TT rig and no apologies will be made for that -- I'm just sharing a few pics and ideas for "other" things that can be done with this very large case. There are fancier and nicer looking ways to do some things I've done here. For example, I agree that custom bent hard tubing can be better looking than soft tubing. The tubing brackets up top
  3. Update: It took a little while (>1 day) but I have had another TDR happen with my Nvidia cards, this was with no TT RGB Plus running. So I don't think I can fairly blame this problem just on the RGB Plus software. But the frequency has dropped a LOT. I am, however, quite happy to have found Teszty66's alternative software here on the forums. It allowed me to save a different default color scheme to the TT controller for bootup (and when I am in Linux) so I don't have to put up with the rainbow swirl default anymore, and it has amazing potential for fan customization also. Funny rea
  4. Teszty66 thank you VERY MUCH for your work. Even if all I end up using your software for is to set a different default boot RGB lighting mode for my Riing Plus fans, you have provided functionality that the hardware manufacturer failed to implement in their software. #### impressive, sir.
  5. Hello, The subject pretty much says it, I am looking for a way to control the lighting of the Riing Plus 14 fans my View91 RGB Plus edition case came with that does not rely upon software. I don't like the default rainbow swirl effect of these fans but do not want to have to run software like RGB Plus to set some other lighting mode. There are a couple reasons behind this. One is that I run Linux at least half of the time and there is no RGB Plus software for Linux. It is silly to have to boot first into Windows and then reboot into Linux just to get rid of the rainbow swirlie fa
  6. Hello, I stumbled across this thread looking for an alternative way (hardware, preferably) to control the fans and RGB lighting of the Riing Plus 14's in my View91 RGB Plus case, and am glad I did. While I am not sure yet, upon finding this thread and thinking about the problems I've been having, I am now looking at the RGB Plus software as a factor or cause for my display TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery) problems, since NVidia GPU users have also reported seeing the same problems as the OP here . I am running RGB Plus version 1.2.4, which except for a brief period with a ne
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