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  1. I was thinking like jujunet that the number of leds for the addressable headers must be stored somewhere. No luck searching the registry but after expanding my search I found them! In the Lighting Service folder open the file LastProfile.xml and scroll to the bottom. Ta Da! That's the good news. I uninstalled Aura Sync and replaced it with the latest version of Armory Crate. All my devices are recognized and you can actually update the number of leds. Unfortunately it doesn't stick, completely. You still have to disconnect/reconnect the header to make it work but it persists if you only restart. If you shut down completely it breaks again. Also, check out the LightingService.log file and you'll see that the values seem to be coming from the xml file. It also seems to be calculating and/or writing the number here: AACAddressableStrip::DoMakeLeds. I'm getting close... LightingService.log
  2. I've got dual ROG Strix RX580 O8G Gaming cards on a ROG Strix 570-E Gaming MB running Aura Sync 1.07.79. If any setup should work flawlessly it's this one. I don't get it but I agree it's most likely the software.
  3. Got it. Now my 2nd GPU (on riser) loses sync after a few minutes. It's fine on startup. Maybe the cable? All suggestions welcomed.
  4. I've checked the connections multiple times and switched from one argb header to another with no change. I've installed/uninstalled Crate and multiple versions of Sync and the problem persists. Can you explain how to "reset the Aura software correctly"?
  5. I tried something similar to what kromesta did in this thread... What I did: 1. Powered down 2. Unplugged the argb header connected to the view 37 argb controller 3. Powered up 4. Opened Aura 5. Changed the number of LEDs on the unplugged argb header to 120 (that's what the other one is set to) 6. Connected the cable back to the MB header Lo and behold! All lights up and synced! Unfortunately it resets as soon as you power down, sleep, etc. Soooooo close!
  6. CplPunishr & Tech Geek, Would either of you consider making a custom 6 pin male to 9 pin USB 2.0 female adapter? I'd buy a half dozen or so myself. I actually found something I think may work (link below) but I can only find it in the UK, I've only found one place that actually has one, and they don't ship to the US. I've asked them if they'd make an exception and await their response. https://madoffers.co.uk/products/rgb-pc-fan-adaptor-with-4-x-6pin-1-x-molex-1-x-aura
  7. I'm anxious to hear if the new controller fixes the problem. I replaced the AIO controller with the new TT Sync controller and now I can sync everything except the 3 case fans. FAN1 (rear) works and syncs perfectly. The front fans spin but don't light up. I switched the FAN1 and FAN2 connectors and, as expected, the rear fan lights stopped working and the front fan worked perfectly.
  8. I also have the exact same problem. I have an Asus ROG Strix 570-E Gaming MB. I also have a TT Floe Riing 360 AIO with Riing Plus fans and 2 Asus ROG Strix Radeon RX580 08G Gaming OC Edition video cards that the MB doesn't see. Everything lights up, I just can't sync them.
  9. [Philippines] Jesse Palacio
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