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  1. You can only use neon maker profile in old tt rgb plus 1.4.0 - version of software not on 2 version as for now
  2. Here is the folder https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pUd9D5y-PLfXldO_iLkrXcL4C0GFNF9h/view?usp=sharing
  3. On Neon Maker Software 1.1.3 trying add music will close program...
  4. There is the new version with fixed bugs etc, i cannot work on my profiles for my youtube channel.?
  5. Hello again. I found another bug in 1.1.2 version of neon maker. I want to copy some objects, untill 14.1 sec everything ok. But later after 14.1 sec it canot paste copied objects. See pics. I found the problem in this zoom mode 1 before max zoom i have this problem, on lower zoom mod they copying normally... Please fix...
  6. About loading old profiles, sometimes i need to load 2 times profile cause in the 1st time it not loading. SO Still some problems. Will Neon maker wiil get new features anytime soon?
  7. Yes it works, Thx. Also When TT RGB will support Neon maker profiles?
  8. OK. F.e. this one https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/798929841478565970/877123623754792960/8.db i cannot attach file here, so here is the link to discord.. file
  9. I cannot load old profiles from 1.0.1 version in 1.1.1 version. why? They loaded empty or not loaded.
  10. Why when i trying to drag recorded frames neon maker closes by itself, and in version 0.9 it closes not so often uin version 1.1.0 it closes more often, When will you fix that? And one more offer is it possible to add move function so you can like move leds from left to right from bottom to top and opposite, since we have feature of rotation of leds. But moving them will be better.
  11. While i'm a creator of presets for NeonMaker, i caanot load them in new Version of TTRGplus 2.0. There is no such option or i didnt find it. In version 1.4-14.2 it was such option load NeonMaker profile or preset. Will it be or not in next updates?
  12. They said. That you can use trio and quads togeher with Neon maker. I think they will work. They just pionted what you can't connect riing premium plus etc. cause they have another controller. They answered in another topic. - Hi, Yes, Trio and Quad can be plugged into the same controller, but it must be the controller comes with Riing Quad, which means Quad cant compatible with the Trio controller.
  13. dont forget to press save each time you change smth.
  14. i'm afraid you cannot control them. they just simple uncontrollable fans. As you can see they have like 6 pins on each. and fan using only 2 of them. other 4 goes to rgb light. But this is only my opinion.
  15. Which fans you have? And controller? But ANY FAN you can connect to motherboard. but need some skills. if you have https://c.dns-shop.ru/thumb/st1/fit/wm/800/650/b97e9e4836082d144ffbedabe4bcae52/63c333a9b0b01ce1b70e0f3d48ccd3409241a5bcc4c1fc35c64bdde2929e6368.jpg connector like this 2 rows 5 pins each. The coloured wires is for fan itself. You can use separate adapters like. Or make yourself. You can find which pin is which over internet. Usually black is ground other for PWM etc. Be carefull. and you can connect it to the motherboard to standart fan connector pin.
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