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  1. I managed to get the software to detect the system settings again but completely uninstalling the TT RGB software, manually deleting the remnants in the installed folder, rebooted, reinstalled the software, and rebooted again. At first it also recognized the controller but then stopped recognizing it once the system went to sleep but then woke.
  2. There are a lot of us that are experiencing this issue. The TT RGB Plus 2.0.4 software is no longer detecting the controller and also doesn't display any of the system stats (CPU Temp, etc).
  3. Same issue here. It was working fine and then recently stopped. The TT RGB Plus 2.04 software can't find the controller. It also won't show any of the system stats in the software (IP Address, System Name, Temps, etc.) which is a clear indicator that this has nothing to do with the controller hardware. It is super annoying to be stuck looking at rainbow puke while my system is running. I am running Riing Plus 2.0.4 on a Asus Maximus Hero XIII
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