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  1. THANKYOU so much to all for support from my YouTube Instagram Facebook and LinkedIn Thankyou so much to all with you you we were unable to gain such position 😄😄💗💗🇵🇰🇵🇰
  2. What 😂 you serious you dont even know that these sites dont support any kind of bots 😂😂 man seriously
  3. Believe me guys it's so satisfying watching your design laser cut wooof 😀 btw these machines are so next level ⭐
  4. So guys the type of design we have used for making our stands these are the special stands made-up of mild steel. Design were made on autocad. 😀
  5. Wazzzupp people 😎 So how is a big fan of Anime 😀 We are backk with a complete thrilling presets video 😁 with the most historic and best anime fights theme It was a #### of a journey till end designing stands getting them laser cut then making their bends their holes after the fans were placed on the stands and making presets. We have done so much hard work on this competition and we leave you with it to decide how is it . Wishing all contestants luck 🤞 Keep up the good work Thankyou.
  6. FINALLY SOME ACTION!!! 😈 Just received the sexy SWAFANS man these are #### dope. Triple light rings give them next level look. Now we just need to ready the stands and the NeonMaker Lightening Mix software. Best of luck to everyone 😄. WIN WIN #Raytechstudio
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